Thursday, October 19, 2017

New Rules, Faster Citizenship For New Canadians

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For all of those who may be immigrants in Canada, there is definitely good news for them. There are new rules and this would allow them to be citizens of the country faster than the usual time it takes. This is going to bring a lot of smiles to a lot of people as it means that they would not have to wait that long to be called a citizen of Canada.

There have been a lot of stories of everything that one must go through to become a citizen of Canada. It does take a lot of patience and hard work as well. Of course, in the end, the patience and hard work that they put into it would be reaped when they become a citizen. This means that they will now be able to call Canada as their new home and also be able to take advantage of all the benefits that come with being called one.

Now, the time to achieve a Canadian citizenship status would be a lot less longer. And that is definitely good news.

Reduced time

Amarjeet Sohi recently mentioned in a statement that there will be a reduced time that all immigrants in Canada must wait for them to start applying to become a citizen of the country. This is a part of a big number of changes that is aimed at helping immigrants have easier processes in the country. Although the country is all about welcoming immigrants, the faster time it would take for them to become citizens would help these individuals feel like they really belong in the country. Sohi currently works as the minister for federal infrastructure.

Thanks to amendments that were done to the country’s Citizenship Act, now, immigrants would only have to wait for a shorter time to get the process going for their citizenship. The changes have already been approved and have already taken effect this week. With the changes, those immigrants who would want to be citizens of Canada would now only need to be in the country for at least three years out of five years. This is one year less as compared to the original rules.

The requirements

One of the requirements for a person to be able to apply for Canadian citizenship is that for five years after applying as citizen, each day that was spent in the country would be counted as half a day to get to the requirements for physical presence.

Also, what used to be the age bracket of 14 to 64 years old, the new rules now would require those who are 18 years old to 54 years old to be the ones who are required to take tests on knowledge as well as language.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

New Zealand Immigration Has Climate Change As One Top Factor

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Not many really state that it is, but a recent study has reflect that climate change is definitely a huge factor when it comes to reasons why people are immigrating to New Zealand. Climate change definitely affects a lot of people and so that is why it has been deemed as a top factor when it comes to migration in and out of the country. There are definitely people who would like to enjoy the cool and yet tropical weather of the country. And then there are also those who may want to do away with that and just go somewhere else that has, maybe, snow or really cold weather.

How people decide when it comes to immigration definitely takes climate change into account. In fact, this is one thing that they really give more thought on as compared to income that they get in a country or maybe to the political situation in the place that they are in. This is as per a research done recently in New Zealand.

The study

A study was recently done by Dr. Dennis Wesselbaum who works as an economics researcher at the Otago University. He had Amelia Aburn with him doing the study. Aburn is a master’s student at the Victoria Univeristy. Together, they worked on numbers that came with immigration movement. These numbers came from 16 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) destinations as well as 198 countries. The list included New Zealand. The numbers that they worked on were the ones recorded for the past 35 years.

According to their study, the huge factors that had affective immigration actually was all about economy which includes wages as well as costs of living. It was only in recent years that climate change had been declared as a top factor to consider immigration. This definitely reflects just how climate change impacts society and how people think and live. It is quite a big factor that governments should be looking into this and working what they can do to make it not be a problem.

The process

To be able to pinpoint just exactly what the factors were, the team had to work with a huge timeframe. It included effects and reasons provided for immigration. There were changes from one year to the next. In the end, they were able to pinpoint climate change as one of the top factors that really influence immigration at present.

The results had also shown that though climate change may be a new reason as compared to economic and political factors, it was a far bigger factor. It was a bigger reason as compared to economy which is what most people believe is what makes people be immigrants.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Dutch Treat: Dual Citizenship Allowed For Dutch Citizens Residing In UK

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While there are governments that are not keen on dual citizenship, there are those who are quite open to the idea. That is why the Dutch should be quite grateful to its government as it has already disclosed that even if the United Kingdom pushes on with its plans of exiting the European Union, Dutch citizens who are living in the United Kingdom can continue living there as a citizen and also still be a citizen of Netherlands.

This is all thanks to the new government of Netherlands that has allowed all of its citizens who are currently living in Britain to actually go for dual citizenship as it now allows such. An agreement on this was completed by the coalition and it was announced to the public just this week. This agreement has been put together promising to give priority to Dutch citizens as well as 
the unity in the European Union even with the looming possible exit of the UK from the European Union. With this move, it looks like it is good news for those Dutch who would be affected by such an agreement.

How the agreement came to be

It took a total of 208 days for the agreement to be made. There were four parties involved in the making of this and it was headed by Mark Rutte, the Netherlands’ prime minister. For this new government, it is all about being center-right and not leaning anywhere else. That is why they made sure that the whole dual citizenship situation would not negatively affect those who are already enjoying UK citizenship.

The four parties involved in the making of the agreement included the Christian Democrats, the Union D66 party, the Christian Union, and the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy. They worked on the agreement which also included talks and planning for cuts in taxes as well as identity as a citizen of Netherlands.

The group also worked on pushing towards good deals for the country when the exit does happen. They also believe in being solid and one with the European Union despite still being in good terms with the United Kingdom which is very essential.

The changes

Before the agreement was created, all Dutch citizens with a UK citizenship had to have their Netherlands passport taken from them because the Netherlands has limits when it comes to dual citizenship. However, these individuals had to get a citizenship in Britain because they needed such so that they would not have to leave the country once the exit happens.

This is no longer a problem today as the new agreement now allows for Dutch nationals to have dual citizenship in the United Kingdom. Problem solved.

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Higher Immigration Numbers Beneficial To Canada, Says Study

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While other countries in the world are pushing to achieve a lower amount of immigrants on their soil, the situation in Canada is far different. In fact, it is totally the opposite. Canada has been encouraging when it comes to immigration. It has made sure that it is able to accommodate those who are looking for a new country to call their new home. While other countries have put a limit on the maximum number of immigrants that they can take per year, Canada has done it the other way around. Instead of putting a limit to the maximum number of immigrants per year, it has put a limit to the minimum number of immigrants. So that means, the more immigrants, the better.

Other people may think that this may be harmful to Canada and may bring about overpopulation in the country. But the truth is, Canada has already studied the situation and it has come to a conclusion that the more immigrants that the country has, the better the country will be.

Why Canada needs immigrants

Studying the situation in Canada, experts have deduced that the more immigrants the country brings in, the better it is for this North American nation. See, the country currently is going through some challenges and immigration is the answer to it. Canada has a population that is aging as we speak and there are a lot less younger citizens. With immigration, the chances of that population getting younger would be far greater.

Another situation that Canada is facing is a low birth rate. This means that there are less and less Canadians being born. It is not a secret that for a country to continue to survive and be great would be to have a good amount of youth who will continue with what has been started. If there are a lot less youth in the country, to whom would the culture and the projects be passed on to? Immigration is the answer to this as it brings in more younger individuals who can continue on with whatever has been started.

The CBC speaks

The Conference Board of Canada has also looked at the situation and it believes that the more immigrants that the country gets would be very beneficial for the country as a whole. It would be able to answer all the previously discussed conditions that it is facing. The study of the CBC also reflected that with more and more immigrants coming in, the gross domestic product for the country would also be going better which is going to help out the country in the long run.

With regards to wages as well as employment rates, the CBC has seen that a higher immigration rate is not going to affect these greatly and not in a negative way.

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Rise In New Zealand Immigration Numbers Reflect Need For More Local Training

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The immigration numbers in New Zealand are continuing to rise as we speak. It has been going on for some time now. And it is not surprising as the country has a lot of wonderful things to offer. Plus, as an uninhabited island once, this country definitely is not looking at immigration as a bad thing but instead, it looks at immigration as a blessing. Without immigration, this country will still continue to be the uninhabited island that it once was.

Recently, one would be able to find quite a number of data and news and stories that show just how popular New Zealand is when it comes to immigration. The country has been breaking record after record after record when it comes to immigration numbers and not a lot of people are raising any eyebrows anymore as this has become quite a natural occurrence. This country definitely is one of the top immigration destinations of present time.

The reliance on immigration

It is not surprising if New Zealand has become quite reliant on immigration. After all, the country was built because of immigrants. However, this time around, immigration is what the country needs to be able to fulfill all the needed vacancies for workers that could not be filled up by the locals of the country. This is what makes the country reliant on immigration and immigrants.

According to Pita Paraone, it is important that the next government to be taking seat in New Zealand should address this problem with reliance on immigrants. She stated that the next people to be in office should look for a solution so that the country would not need immigrants for most of the labor needed to be fulfilled. The country should also be looking for ways so that it would be sufficient when it comes to population growth. Paraone is the current First MP of New Zealand and is soon to finish her service.

The New Zealand immigration numbers

As per the numbers from Statistics New Zealand, from the start of the year right until the end of August, the country was able to login 132,200 individuals who came to the country as immigrants. This is a record number for this period.

If the trend continues, by the year 2023, immigrants in the country who have hailed from Asia would take a greater part of the population. This is as per the current trend and studies done with the data available.

If the government finds a good solution to population growth, this should help the country not rely too much on immigrants. Also, programs to train locals on the needed skills for the jobs available in the country should be set in place so that there is no need to look further beyond the borders of the country.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Limiting UK Immigration Too Quickly Would Be Mistake, Says Amber Rudd

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Britain has plans. Big plans. And this includes putting a limit to the number of individuals that come to the country as immigrants. This is a huge change for the country should it happen and it is quite important for the country to get experts to look into the possible changes that such would bring to the country. That way, if it would be bringing a lot of negative things, then it would be quite important that the government do something about it.

This is not a secret though. It has been public knowledge for quite some time now. Many people know about it and a lot have delved into the possibility of lesser immigrants in the United Kingdom and studied the possible effects that it may have to the country as a whole. After all, with the UK welcoming a huge number of immigrants per year and businesses depending on these immigrants, a limit would shake things up greatly.

What Amber Rudd has to say

Amber Rudd currently is the Home Secretary for the United Kingdom. On the plans of putting a really low limit for the immigrants coming in, she says that this move just may be one big mistake that the government would be doing. This mistake would be affecting greatly the economy of the country and that is something that the country should definitely avoid. The economy may seem to be just one simple word but it definitely affects everybody in the country and that includes each and every individual living in it.

In an interview with the BBC, she disclosed that putting a limit would be a good way to get control over the borders and she is comfortable with that. However, she believes that the limit should be put into effect slowly and not too quickly or else adverse effects would definitely be felt in Britain. By putting a limit that was 100,000 and below for each year, Rudd says that this is a good move as it should help the government have a better direction on what to do next with immigration should this plan not work as expected.

Split opinions

This change was first proposed by David Cameron back in 2009 when he was still in power. Later on, when Theresa May, the country’s current Prime Minister, took office, she then continued on with Cameron’s plans for an immigration limit.

This has brought about a split when it comes to opinions. Some are for the change while others are not so happy about it and the effects that it could bring to the country. Businesses and even educational institutions may be greatly affected by such a bold change. What most are pushing for would be a limit on immigration that would be sustainable enough to not do any harm to the country.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Canada’s Dependence On Immigration As Reflected In Numbers

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The numbers have it. Canada has already been dependent on immigration before. But it has become even more dependent now. As per the latest data, the country has already had a growth in population and three quarters of it is all because of immigration. This is definitely huge as compared to the 1990s, back then, immigration accounted for only half of the growth in population.

According to the numbers, the country has now become quite dependent on immigration for a number of reasons. The top one is it needs immigration when it comes to population growth. The second top reason would be for the development of the country’s economy. This time, the dependence has already hit the highest it so far.

This is not surprising as the country is one of the largest in the whole world. This means that to be able to make everything work in the country, it does need a good population to keep it running. If the current residents are not able to grow in population as the country needs, then immigration would be the best bet for it to happen.

The numbers tell the story

The data has come from Statistics Canada, the official agency of the Canadian government that deals with numbers and statistics. This data has then been analyzed and studied by the National Bank of Canada. According to the analysis, immigration has played a huge part in the growth of the population as discussed earlier.

The bank also continued to disclose that the population of the country has grown to 1.2 per cent in the last year. That is almost twice the growth rate for population of the United States which is at 0.7 per cent. In terms of immigration, this just means that there are definitely more individuals choosing Canada over the more popular United States.

With more and more individuals choosing Canada as a good place for immigration, this is not surprising. The country needs all the individuals that it can get as per their standards and their requirements. So far, this has been going well for everybody.

The provinces and their numbers

Ontario is one of Canada’s top cities and it has experienced the largest growth in population in one year. It has gone up to 1.6 per cent. Ontario’s number is now closely followed by British Columbia which has experienced a growth rate of 1.3 per cent.

If Ontario and British Columbia had experienced an increase in growth of population, there are other provinces that have experienced a decrease. Alberta as well as Quebec are two of the provinces that have a lesser growth rate in the same period.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Experts Urge New Zealand Gov’t To Take Control Of Immigration

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To have the right amount of control over the things happening in a country is really not a necessity until it becomes one. There are various factors happening in a country like New Zealand and the government usually takes control of how things run only when things are starting to run crazy or when government intervention is needed.

In this case, there are experts who have been looking at the immigration situation in New Zealand and they believe that the country’s government should be looking at having control over it. This does not really mean being too strict that nobody else can pass through but it should more or less look into having control over the requirements and making sure that these requirements are met by all of those immigrants coming in.

The study on such has been all because of a recent piece of news that was sent out by the Statistics New Zealand, the country’s official agency that works with data and numbers. This new bit has shown that in the upcoming 20 years, there would be some really noteworthy numbers coming. That is, if the government continues with its current control on immigration.

What the numbers say

As per the numbers that the Statistics New Zealand had shown, in the coming 20 years, there will be a high increase for all of the immigrants from Asia. This will be the group with the highest increase. There will be around 1.2 million individuals from this group who would be choosing New Zealand as their new home.

Aside from that, the Maori would also be experiencing over a million for the same time frame.

As per the European and other group, the numbers for this group would be going to a high of 3.6 million to 4 million by the year 2038. This is definitely higher as compared to the 3.3 million population that this group has for the year 2013. This is currently one of the biggest groups in New Zealand as of present and it holds 75 per cent of the population as per 2013 numbers. However, it will be decreasing to 66 per cent by the year 2038.

The population story

Experts have also continued to work with the numbers and the estimate would be around 6.3 million total population in the country when 2038 comes around.

On this, Paul Spoonley says that the government should now start to take control over the immigration policies of NZ. The best way to keep the country going as it currently is right now would be to make sure that the population does not stay only in the urban areas. Instead, the government should make sure that people are spread evenly across the whole country and right where individuals are needed. Spoonley is a sociology professor in Massey University.

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Monday, October 9, 2017

Reasons Behind The Popularity Of UK Immigration

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For the past several decades, the United Kingdom has been quite a popular immigration destination. Many have looked at the country as a place to create new memories and make new stories. It has become a beacon for hope and a new life for many individuals. This is why one can find quite a variety of races in this country.

So what are the actual reasons why many choose to be immigrations in the UK? There are plenty, definitely. And these are the top reasons.

The need for higher education.

There are plenty of immigrants in the United Kingdom who chose to go to the country to get higher education that they cannot get in their own country. The UK is known to be a land where there are plenty of educational institutions that are world-class. To be able to get the right education here can definitely help boost one’s career even further in the future. The list of world class universities that the country has includes the University of Edinburgh, Oxford University, and the University of Cambridge.

Career opportunities.

Another top reason why immigrants are choosing the UK is because of the high number of career opportunities that the country has. This is primarily because Britain is a highly developed country and has a lot of business centers. This means more job opportunities. The country is also keen on inviting the needed individuals who have the right skills and experience to do the jobs.

Free healthcare.

Healthcare can be bore a hold in one’s pocket. But in the United Kingdom, this is not something people have to worry about. The country offers free healthcare to all its residents and this includes immigrants. Their healthcare is not only free but is also one of the most advanced in the whole world.

The rich culture.

The country boasts of a really rich culture and it can be seen everywhere. It has a lot of museums and spots that offer individuals the chance to learn about the country’s culture and history. Most of these museums are also free to those who would want to come in and so it is quite a learning experience for many.

Food, food, food.

To be in a new place is not complete if one cannot really experience the local cuisine. This is also a top reason why a lot of immigrants are choosing the United Kingdom – the gastronomic experience can be quite something. Its classic food and dishes is quite known all over the world and though some may be available in other countries, nothing beats really savoring it the way locals would prepare them. The top local dishes in Britain include shepherd’s pie, Lancashire hotpot, Sunday roast, and steak and ale pie.

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Friday, October 6, 2017

Why Canada Is One Of Top Immigration Destinations

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Studies have shown that Canada has been one of the top immigration destinations in the recent years. There are a lot of reasons why and here are some of the top answers that immigrants have given when asked why they chose Canada as their new country.

Sun and snow together.

The weather in Canada is something that has attracted a lot of immigrants. In this country, one can definitely enjoy both the sun and the snow. In some countries, one can only find sun while in other places, it is just all about snow. In Canada, people can enjoy both. All a person has to do is to go to the spots in the country where the sun shines brightest or go to spots where the snow is the freshest. There is no need to go to another country to get a change in weather. This is something that one will not be able to find in a lot of countries.

Diverse as diverse can be.

Canada has been a proud and loud advocate of diversity. Its government does not shun those who have different beliefs or cultures or even genders. Instead, the Canadian government supports those who may what others call as “different”. Multiculturalism is quite alive in this country and it is a haven for those who have been constantly battling with bullies and racists all their lives. Canada pushes to make the world better through diversity by being a good example of how society must be. Diversity is something not to be scared of but instead it should be something to be embraced.

The opportunities are everywhere.

The opportunities for a new career are everywhere in Canada. However, immigrants must make sure that they are ready to take on the challenge of finding where those opportunities are. Although one may be a dentist or an engineer in their home country, they may have to prove their worth still in Canada. That is why immigrants are advised to be prepared for the job hunt once they are in the country. Experts say though that immigrants should be more than willing to relocate to suburban areas and provinces as there are a lot of opportunities there and a lot less competition.

Health is wealth.

A lot of individuals around the world are struggling with healthcare. Some countries do not offer good healthcare and services. Sometimes, getting sick will cost a person an arm and a leg. This is not the case in Canada. Here, the country makes sure that healthcare is available for everyone who needs it. Most of the services are free and are available for all individuals. All one has to do is to be enrolled in the country’s healthcare program and be able to have access to the services that one needs to be healthy.

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Immigrating To New Zealand? Know These Facts About NZ.

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Many people have been wishing and working on immigrating to New Zealand. Many have also made their way to the country. The question now is, why is New Zealand quite a huge hit for those who would like to be immigrants? Here are some reasons why.

The scenery is just breathtaking.

One of the top reasons why New Zealand has become quite a popular immigration destination is because of the really wonderful scenery that is only found in the country. And this is not about those man-made attractions that can be found in almost every country. What New Zealand has to offer is all natural. It comes with a variety of landscapes that range from rainforests to mountains to volcanoes to beaches to lakes to hot springs and many more.

The weather is simply amazing.

The weather in the Middle East can be really hot and humid. The weather in the United Kingdom can be dreary because of all the gray clouds and a lot of rain. However, New Zealand has got really amazing weather. It is known to be quite temperate. It is not too hot and it is not too cold so one can expect really good weather that does not go extremes.

Safety is a priority.

Many individuals choose to be immigrants to find safety and security. Their own home country may be known for a lot of crime and bad deeds and so to do away with that would be quite a respite. That is something that New Zealand can offer. This country has been known to be one of the safest in the world. In fact, it has found itself in the third spot in the Global Peace Index as of recent. To live peacefully and safely would definitely be a really good thing to have.

A lifestyle that is quite relaxed.

Running to and fro and having a rushed lifestyle can take its toll on people. Individuals can suffer from a ton of maladies and illnesses because of stress that one can get from the culture in their own country. Immigrants in New Zealand have been more than happy to share that this is not the case in New Zealand. The country is known for a really relaxed lifestyle that has made its citizens quite happy and more productive. This place is also known for promoting the work and life balance that is quite absent in a lot of countries.

It is not too crowded.

With a really huge land area and a lot less individuals living in it, one can definitely expect that this place would not be too crowded. This means that one would not have to battle for everything as there are a lot less people. This is one of the reasons why people are not that stressed and live happier lives once they are in New Zealand.

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

UK Will Be Less Attractive To Immigrants Once Gov’t Pushes With Exit Plans

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Ask immigrants in the United Kingdom why they chose this country over any other country in the world. There will be a variety of answers from these people. However, put all of the answers together and one can get a good inkling why the United Kingdom has been quite attractive to a lot of individuals. For one, this country has good work opportunities and has a really good economy. Another is that the healthcare is great as well as the education. The lifestyle is also quite good.

However, recent studies have it that if the country pushes through with its plans of doing an exit from the European Union, the UK just may have to suffer because of this. Although talks are still being made so that the country does not really fall hard, experts who have been looking at the situation at hand believe that the country will become a lot less attractive to those aspiring immigrants. It will be a good cause why many will choose not to go there. In fact, many may choose other countries instead of this one.

The economists put in their statements

Economists have been looking at the situation of the United Kingdom and have done studies on just what may happen if the plans of doing the exit become a reality. See, the studies reflect that even without the limit on the annual immigration numbers, the country will have to expect quite a huge decrease when it comes to the number of immigrants entering the country after that. This should go around 100,000 for each year and that is definitely quite a big number.

The economists have also agreed that even if the talks are still being done, the UK would have to prepare for this huge decline in the number of immigrants coming to the country. The government of the country is currently still in talks with the European Union regarding the possibilities of changes that would happen once the UK is no longer part of it. Of course, all parties would want to get good deals out of it and so the talks still continue.

The negative possibilities

The strong economy of the United Kingdom was what has been bringing a lot of people to the country as immigrants. However, once the country decides that the exit is the way to go, then the country would start to become a lot less attractive to a huge portion of immigrants. This is because the country’s economy will definitely go down and those that are a part of the European Union will continue to enjoy strong economies.

With that, immigrants may opt to go to countries that have better economies. The pound has also been becoming weaker. This may be because of the possibility of the exit that has scared a lot of people and investors. These are good reasons why the UK government should study their plans even better.

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Want To Be An Immigrant In Canada? Be Informed First.

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It is quite important for individuals to learn about things before they actually rush into whatever it is that catch their fancy. A good example would be immigrating to Canada. A lot of individuals are interested in being a citizen of Canada and living there for the rest of their lives as Canada offers quite a huge amount of great opportunities and benefits that are not available in most countries. To do this, one simply cannot just go ahead and take a plane and be able to live there. That is not how Canada immigration works.

Experts are more than happy to give a piece of advice to all of those who would like to be in Canada and that piece of advice would be to be informed first. Know everything that they need to learn about Canada first and also learn what the requirements are to be an immigrant. It takes a lot of requirements to be able to achieve this dream and to be armed with information is going to get things done faster. With the tons of fake news nowadays, it is important to get the right pieces of information from the right sources.

The interest is high

Should a survey be done, one can definitely expect results which reflect that more and more individuals are becoming interested in being a Canadian immigrant. They may choose to go there for a variety of reasons. Some want to be in Canada to further their careers. For others, it is to bring a new investment to the country. There are also those who wish to live better lives. In the case of some individuals, it is all about getting higher education there. Whatever the reason, experts are asking these individuals to actually go ahead and learn what it takes to become eligible to be an immigrant in Canada.

Aside from the requirements, experts are also suggesting that individuals also learn about any procedures that are needed for them to get their goal. In a nutshell, individuals who would want to be in Canada should learn all the details that come with it. That way, they would be saved from a lot of worrying and a lot of hassle that come with not having the right information.

Ignorance excuses no one

Those individuals who have been working with aspiring immigrants have been nonchalant when asked just what is the top reason why people are getting rejections when it comes to their applications. They say that it is all about being ignorant when it comes to the whole process. This is a top challenge for most individuals and the best way to cure that would be to take the time to learn about it. It is always best to be armed with the right information so that one would know the best way to proceed.

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Monday, October 2, 2017

No More Overseas Offices For Visa Processing For New Zealand

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When there are too many tasks done, outsourcing seems to be the way to go. This would mean being able to have more time to do the core tasks in running the business and not spending too much on the repetitive and time-consuming tasks that come with the whole deal. Outsourcing has been quite a good investment for many businesses as it means that the needed help is there and so many tasks are done quite right. The role that outsourcing plays is huge and many have attested to the efficiency and the huge contribution that it brings to the table.

In the case of New Zealand immigration, the government has definitely chosen to outsource the processing of visas for immigration to the country. This has been quite a big thing and has gone on for quite some time. This allowed the government agency to work on the core tasks that come with immigration and it also allowed them to get the visa processing done quite quickly. However, recently, Immigration New Zealand (or also known as INZ) has sent out word that they are bringing back the huge portion of NZ immigration processing of visas back to the home country.

The way back to NZ

Yes, the New Zealand government branch focused on immigration has already confirmed that it will be stopping any work done in overseas offices so that the visa processing would now have to be done in New Zealand only. The country has put up offices in other countries to help make the processing of such visas be faster. However, this time, those offices will no longer be operating and functioning so that visa processing will be completed. All the work on visa processing would be now done in New Zealand.

INZ has also disclosed that when visa processing would be done back in the country, it would also mean that they would have to hire 110 individuals who would serve as staff. They would be the ones responsible for working on the tasks that have been brought back to the country. This is definitely good news as it means that there would be a lot more opportunities for employment in New Zealand.

Working on such plans

Although it may seem like an easy plan, there are steps to be taken before this one pushes through. The list of tasks includes making sure that the tasks are aligned and are ready before everything is done back in the country. Steve Stuart has already said his piece regarding this move and he said that the 110 needed employees would mean 110 less unemployed individuals in New Zealand. Stuart also continued that this would be happening in the course of the next three years as it cannot be done in a jiffy. Stuart works as the general manager of INZ.

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