Wednesday, July 12, 2017

New Zealand Beats Australia As Expat Option For Immigration

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The epic trilogy Lord of the Rings has been one of the top reasons why New Zealand has become one of the most chosen destinations for those who would like to be immigrants as they have grown tired of whatever situation they may have in their home country. The movie, though a fantasy film, has been able to show just how beautiful New Zealand is. Aside from the movie, social media has also been quite a channel in showing the grandeur that is only New Zealand’s. Yes, social media has a huge part in how expats have been looking at New Zealand.

Recently, the numbers of expats choosing NZ as their immigration country of chose have risen. Years previously, Australia was one of the top options. Now, the wheel has turned. It is now New Zealand that is chosen and the number of expats immigrating there has definitely gone over the number of expats choosing Australia.

More for NZ than for Australia

Movehub, an expert in relocations around the world, has looked into the phenomenon of more and more expats choosing New Zealand over Australia. This is definitely something to look into as Australia has been more popular and has been making good news in the international scene. New Zealand was more discrete and a lot less known.

According to the study done by Movehub, it is possible that social media is a huge factor in bringing NZ to the attention of a lot of individuals. This is the first time that there are more expats moving to New Zealand than Australia since 1991. It usually is more people choosing Australia but the tables have indeed been turned. The study also shown that there are more interested individuals from the United Kingdom looking at how they can make the move.

There has been a decrease of five percent in terms of individuals moving to Australia.

Why choose NZ?

The report from Movehub has also seen that most expats have looked into New Zealand because it has a strong economy. Other reasons include a really nice and picturesque scenery. The country has a good sense of community that is quite difficult to find in other countries. It has also been reflected in the study that New Zealand also has a really stable political situation.

Another factor could be Donald Trump’s election as president of the United States. During that day, Google was able to record a really high amount of searches for the keyword term ‘move to Canada’. There were also a high number of searches for other countries with New Zealand being one of the top destinations. The Google numbers showed that there were 24 times more searches for moving to other countries during that day.

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