Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Businesses And Industries Find Softer UK Immigration Policies Better

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For a huge number of individuals living in the United Kingdom, immigration is a benefit. It has helped a lot of businesses grow and develop as these businesses usually employ immigrants who work really hard and are flexible with the tasks and jobs given to them. These businesses contribute a lot to shaping the economy into the strong marvel that it is right now.

Now, with the possible changing of policies on immigration, the economy may be threatened and may start suffering. The changes proposed include the limiting of immigrants in the country. The current rate of immigrants coming in is in the hundreds of thousands. What is proposed is the country puts a limit to the number of immigrants that it welcomes. The limit would mean only having to accept tens of thousands only as compared to the current hundreds of thousands that has been coming to the country.

But with the possibility of a softer policy on immigration, businesses and industries in the country seem to be taking the change far better.

The softer policies

The softer policies actually mean that there will still be a limit on the number of immigrants coming to the country. However, the country is making sure that it will still be able to bring in talented and skilled immigrants to the country. In fact, in a recent statement, the government of UK has stated that they are focusing on bringing in the “best” as well as the “brightest” immigrants. These immigrants would be able to help out the country in ways that the economy would be able to maintain its strength.

This softer policy is known as the Immigration Bill and it was just recently announced during the speech of the Queen. It also states that there would definitely be an end to free movement that the citizens from the European Union are currently enjoying. Despite such a proposal, the government is working on programs so as to be able to achieve their main goal of being able to get the interest of the skilled and talented immigrants.

Welcoming this possible change

Peter Searle works as the chief executive officer for Airswift, a huge company in the UK which has a global market for their solutions to workforce. According to Searle, this softer policy on UK immigration is actually a better one as compared to the first proposal on immigration changes. He continued that this new one is actually going to be welcomed far better by the oil industry as well as the gas industry in the country. He, of course, cannot speak for any other industry in the country.

However, Searle also disclosed that many other industries just may find this new proposal to be something that they would be willing to welcome. It is no secret that the United Kingdom needs a workforce and the international community is able to deliver that well.

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