Monday, September 25, 2017

Canada Immigration Policies Attract Amazon’s 2nd HQ

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Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world and it serves anybody from around the world as long as deliveries can be made. Its activities are done online and so it runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Its current headquarters is in the United States and because it is still growing and continues to expand, the huge conglomerate is now looking for a new place to put up its second headquarters. So where will it put it?

Experts who are looking into this may be saying that Amazon just may be considering Canada as a place where its second headquarters will be. Of course, there are no official statements yet from the company. However, what experts see about Canada is that it has really good immigration policies that may be just what Canada needs to attract Amazon to set up its new headquarters on their soil.

The look for a new place

According to Amazon, they are looking for a spot where they can put their second headquarters. They are eyeing any place in North America. With Canada in North America, the chances are huge that this could be the chosen spot. Of course, Amazon has its requirements and according to the company, they want a place where the environment is stable and is also friendly to businesses. It also continued that the new location should have the potential to actually bring in and reel in individuals who hold strong skills for technical work.

Amazon also says that the new location should have a population that is diverse and should have institutions that are excellent when it comes to providing higher education. The government should also be willing and are more than happy to work with Amazon.

With such criteria, one can definitely look at Canada. It has the diverse population that Amazon is looking for and its government is all for helping out businesses there. It does not matter if the business is small or huge. Canada has programs that bring in the needed workers. If there are not enough in the country, the government has programs which attract immigrants who hold the right skills.

Checking the list of requirements

Any city in Canada would be a good fit. The list of requirements that have been given out by Amazon would be checked out. The country is known for protecting and helping out any immigrants there. It also has really good immigration policies that have been more than successful in bringing in the right tech workers from all around the globe. Amazon would have a ball in Canada.

So far, Amazon has yet to decide. And if it decides to set up its second headquarters in Canada, Amazon would be getting the right place and the right kind of people to run the whole show.

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Friday, September 22, 2017

New Zealand Industries Do Not Support Immigration Cut

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New Zealand, just like any other country, has a variety of industries. These industries help the country become what it is today. Without these industries, NZ would definitely be a country that no one would want to go to as such are very essential when it comes to providing the right kind of life and culture for its citizens and are also quite essential in having a good economy.

This is the very reason why the country needs such industries to grow and to become even better. With that, the NZ government makes sure that there is room for growth for them. The government also makes sure that it provides support as much as it can to these industries. The support can come in a variety of ways and the list can include offering programs to get employees, or training facilities for those interested in joining a specific industry.

The government of NZ should be currently listening to what the industries in NZ is saying as they have announced that they are not supporting any move from the government that would push towards a cut in immigration in the country.

The building industry woes

The building and construction industry in New Zealand is not happy with the proposed immigration cut in case it happens. See, right now, without even the cut, they are still looking for more skilled workers who they could invite to join companies. The country’s labor market has already been saturated and so there is a need to look for more laborers elsewhere. The only possible way to get such would be to look for immigrants who possess the right skills. With the cut in place, companies in the construction industry would be having a difficult time filling up empty spots in its workforce.

Right now, the industry is in need of more skilled workers as there are a lot of construction projects happening in the country. With that, the need for skilled workers is high and there is not enough of that in the country. If the need for such workers is not fulfilled, such projects may be put on hold or may continue but it would progress in a very slow manner.

The importance of immigrants

Many may be speaking up against the rise of immigration in the country. However, not all of these individuals and groups are saying that they would like a cut in immigration numbers. This just reflects that those who may be against the high rise of numbers of immigration believes that the government should be doing about this in terms of policies when the immigrants are already in the country. Any issues that could arise because of the surge in population should be given the proper solutions.

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Visa Applications To The UK Bring Higher Profits For Home Office

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How a country brings in money is one thing. How a country’s government’s branches bring in money is yet another story. And for this article, this is all about how the United Kingdom Home Office has been quite successful in bringing in cash, thanks to all the visa applications that the branch has been receiving. This definitely means good fortune for the Home Office. It also means that there are a lot of individuals who are really interested in being visa holders to get to the UK.

However, in the case of the Home Office, there have been some gossips running around. There are certain people who believe that the Home Office has been rejecting quite a huge number of applications for a UK visa so that the office would be able to get more profits. This means that the rejected applicants would have to reapply once more and that means more money for the branch. This is as per a story that was recently published by the newspaper, The Guardian. The report continued that the Home Office has been able to bring in an increase of 800% in terms of profit just from these applications for a UK visa.

The analysis of the data

Most of the individuals who apply for a UK visa actually are those who are interested in becoming immigrants in the country. A Tier 2 visa would allow an individual to be classified as a skilled worker. With such a visa, that individual may now be able to get a job with an employer who also has a Tier 2 Sponsorship License. So those individuals who may be wanting such a visa type and has been denied would have to reapply until they get that much sought after visa.

Those who have looked into this issue have been able to say that the claim on the Home Office purposely denying individuals a UK visa may be actually false. This is primarily because upon checking the whole process to be able to get the Tier 2 visa, there may be some requirements that could be quite difficult to fulfill and there are also reports that claim that the whole process to get such a visa can be quite a challenge. So this definitely shows that the Home Office just is not pocketing the profit but is actually just sticking to the rules and policies.

Just right visa fees, says Home Office

In an interview with the Home Office, the branch has been more than happy to share that the fees are just right. Such fees for the application of the Tier 2 visa is basically going to cover any operating costs that come with immigration processes as well as citizenship processes. These are parts of the system that are not covered by government funding and so the only way to get things rolling would be to ask the interested immigrants to shoulder such costs.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Canada Immigration Branch May Push For Customer Service

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For those who think that customer service is simply just for businesses with huge amounts of customers and clients, these people should think again. Truth is, customer service can be applied just about anywhere. And that is true in the case of Canada’s Immigration Branch. This branch of the Canadian government has recently thought of using customer service to further the work that they do in providing service to all potential and current immigrants to the country.

This definitely is a new thing when it comes to immigration. Check out all the other countries in the world and there seems to be nothing like this. If indeed this pushes through, Canada would be a pioneer when it comes to such as there seems to be no other countries that have such a service as part of what they do. This definitely seems like a big thing and something that would help a lot of individuals who may be transacting with the Immigration Department of Canada.

Is this the dawn of a new era?

Experts who have looked into such new plans and changes for the Canadian Immigration Branch are in approval of such if these plans become reality. It is going to help out appease a lot of individuals who may be transacting with the branch. Plus, it would mean that it is not just about enforcing their policies and regulations but the branch is also quite keen on making sure that clients are serviced properly. Any questions and help will be dealt with accordingly and that would allow individuals to be more informed and make the process faster for them.

This will definitely be a new era for service when it comes to a government branch. Most governments anywhere in the world do not really care just how they deal with the individuals transacting with them as they are the law. However, to create a new environment such as this one would definitely change things and this could bring about a new change not only to Canada but to the whole world as well. Canada would be setting the standard once again.

Working on the plans

How the government deals with immigrants is very essential as it is a situation where both parties need each other. Canada needs immigrants and immigrants need Canada. Therefore, it is definitely a must they both help out each other well.

The plans for this include making sure that when individuals call the customer service number for any assistance, they would first have to go through a reminder that they should not be abusive verbally to any person that they speak with no matter how upset or how disgruntled they may be. This is quite true as these agents are simply there to help and they do not make the rules.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Candidates See Immigration As Key Factor In New Zealand Economy

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With plenty of people choosing New Zealand as their new country for immigration, there are also plenty of people who are not happy about it. And those who are not happy with the high influx of immigrants to NZ are usually those who are in the country itself. For them, they believe that immigrants bring nothing but problems and issues to the country. For them, the country is good as it is now and immigrants are not helping contribute to make the country even better. Or do they?

It is not surprising that a lot of people are against the high numbers for immigration in New Zealand. They believe that too much people in the country will lead to bigger problems and bigger issues. But what these people do not realize is that by looking at the bigger picture, these immigrants are actually very important to the country and its economy. After all, New Zealand is a country that was built because of immigrants. If not for immigrants, NZ would still continue to be an uninhabited country that it was years back.

Immigration brings advantages to NZ

A lot of people really do not study the whole deal on immigration. For most of them, they just see and decide depending on what is good for them only. However, as a whole, immigration has been bringing a ton of benefits that start with helping out with the economy. And if the economy is good, everybody benefits from it. This is something that most people who are against immigration do not understand. The details show that with immigrants in the country, NZ has been flourishing and has been enjoying a really strong economy.

Jin An is a part of the Labour Party and she compares immigration as a type of drug that helps enhance performance. This is how she looks at immigration. For her, immigrants are like a drug that helps boost NZ’s economy. Without it, who knows what type of economy the country may have? She continued that although there may be issues that arise because of immigration, these issues are solvable. All the government needs is to focus on it and find the best solution.

The reliance on immigration

As much as those who are against immigration would like it to come to a halt, it cannot be denied that New Zealand has already become reliant on immigration and the benefits it brings to the economy. Without immigration, the country’s economy just may have to suffer. Therefore, any plans on cutting the number of immigrants allowed in the country per year should be given careful research and study because it could really affect the economy big time.

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Leaked Document Reveals UK Immigration Plans After Exit

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There are a variety of reasons why individuals or organizations do not reveal any future plans that they have. It could be because they are not yet ready to disclose the plans that they have made until it was the right time for them. It could also be because the plans are yet to be further evaluated and checked and worked on. That is why when the leaked documents of United Kingdom’s immigration plan once the exit from the European Union comes into place happened, everybody had their own opinions.

According to the leaked plans, the country will be working on making sure that there would be a lot less immigrants coming to the country who bear low skills. This would be taking place once the United Kingdom does its exit from the EU. Of course, this has yet to be finalized. Those who were able to look into the immigration plans were not happy especially those who were part of the country’s big industries that relied on immigrants for the work.

The document that was leaked

It was The Guardian that was able to have its hands on the document that contained the possible plans on immigration of Britain. It contained 82 pages and it also mentioned that there would be new arrangements on how immigration works in the country. Once the UK is able to leave the EU as per earlier plans, the new changes to immigration policies would then be taking place as soon as possible.

The document furthermore disclosed that with the country leaving the EU, it would mean that there would be a lot less movement when it comes to the incoming and going out of individuals within the Union. With that, the UK government has to create a protection for the country so that the country would be more selective when it comes to providing access to those individuals who wish to get to the UK. The new plans would mean having more specific requirements when it comes to all those interested immigrants.

The marked document: Official Sensitive

The 82-page document could be seen marked with the words Official Sensitive. Those who have come across the document were more than quick to mention that it looks like a draft still and is not something to be emotional about just yet. Of course, if this piece of document becomes official and the law, then it would then be circulated and followed. It seems like it has been going around already and has reached the hands of some of the top officials in the government as well as other politicians.

The ministers of the country have agreed on one thing though. According to them, they have not yet totally given the approval for this document to be made a working order.

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Public Needs Clarification On Canada Immigration Rules

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It is very important that people know the rules just to everything that they would be interacting with or be involved with. This is quite important as it should guide an individual towards getting the goal. As they say, everything in life has rules because rules keep everything in order. Without such, the world may be in chaos.

Rules are also real in the case of immigration. In just about any country, individuals who are interested in being an immigrant there just need to learn about how immigration works. They have to learn what the rules are so that they can follow them. Once rules are followed, any person can definitely achieve the goal - which is to be an immigrant in a new country. Skipping the rules just is not going to do any good.

That is why in the case of Canada, it seems like there have been a lot of stories and myths going around that the public now is seemingly confused as per how immigration works there. That is why the government of the country should help the public by clarifying the outstanding immigration rules and policies.

Taking any rumors out

Although Canada may seem like the promised land for all of those individuals who are seemingly without homes or countries, it still has immigration rules that all individuals should follow. These rules were put into place so as to create order and not chaos. With that, the Canadian government is doing what it can to take out any rumors that may bring in more and more immigrants to the country thinking that once they get there, all of their immigration troubles will be over.

Ahmed Hussen is the Immigration Minister of Canada and in a recent statement, his office has commented that the country’s government is already working on making sure that records are set straight regarding immigration in Canada. There are policies to be followed and everyone should learn about it or lest be disappointed. There is no such thing as a free ticket but once the immigration rules are followed, one can definitely get easy entry to the country.

Providing the right information

One of the programs that the Canada government is working on is to actually spread out the right information. They are doing this not only in the country but also offering all the necessary information to other countries as well. By doing so, those who may be interested in being an immigrant in Canada can learn how the whole thing works and be able to prepare for it.

It is important to keep in mind that with the right information offered and available for a lot of individuals, these individuals who may be planning on being an immigrant in Canada can learn just how the whole thing works for them. It should save them a lot of hassle knowing that they have the right information on their hands.

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

New Zealand Immigration: Issues And Solutions

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With the elections coming up in NewZealand, issues that are battering the country or issues that may be rising up soon will be discussed and will not go unnoticed. This is so those who are running for position can have their say on those issues and show the voting public just where they stand when it comes to the many issues that New Zealand has. Such discussions help people make informed decisions and find the best leader who would help them out in the coming years.

And in the case of the upcoming elections, New Zealand candidates for government are now battling with each other over debates. One of the top issues that the country is seemingly facing is the situation on immigration. There are various sides that one could take when it comes to this one. See, there are those who believe that the country needs immigration while there are those who just do not believe that immigration is helpful. And so on and on and on the debates go.

NZ and its history with immigration

To put a limit or a stop to the whole immigration issue in New Zealand would be just like putting an end to the country’s colorful history. See, NZ used to be just an island that was uninhabited. But with immigration, that was when it started to have people living in it. With that, those who are running for office should be able to recognize the deep roots that immigration has in the country so as to make a better decision on the issue.

Come to think of it, New Zealand’s roots come from a variety of other nations. The ancestors of the country actually were not born and bred in the country but actually have hailed from other countries. They have travelled to NZ and decided to live there. With these individuals choosing to live in the country, that was when NZ started to become a nation by itself. These immigrants made NZ a nation from just being an uninhabited island.

Industries’ reliance on immigrants

Some politicians may deny it but the truth is, New Zealand’s industries have become reliant on immigrants. By putting a stop to immigration or even putting a limit to the amount of immigrants that the country would allow to come in, many businesses would simply crumble as they need these immigrants to survive and to do better. A drastic change such as a stop or a limit can definitely bring down huge businesses and industries and politicians should definitely look into this issue.

Many business owners employ immigrants as they have proven themselves to be reliable and also flexible with the jobs that are given to them. Unlike Kiwis (or the natives of New Zealand), immigrants can definitely take the brunt of the work and not complain about it.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Leaked UK Immigration Plans Get Negative Reactions From Businesses

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Leaks happen. No matter how hard you try to keep things discrete. After all, there are always people trying to look for more information and a lot of people who just have a lot of time on their hands and are more than willing to go great lengths just to get the information that they would need even if it means having to access these pieces of information without the owner’s knowledge. It can happen to anyone and it has recently happened to the United Kingdom’s immigration branch.

Yes, this happens even to the government of one of the strongest countries in the world at present. The United Kingdom’s government has had plans and new policies on immigration which have yet to be disclosed to the public. However, because of unscrupulous individuals, these plans that are still being worked on have already been leaked to the public. The government is not happy about what has happened. And those that are going to be affected by the possibility of new plans are also not happy about these.

Negative reactions from business owners

The leaked plans have shown that the Home Office is actually planning on putting a restriction when it comes to the immigrants who have lower skills. The Home Office is the official branch of the UK government that deals with immigration as well as with law and order. The restrictions on immigration are set to be put into place after the move towards exiting the European Union happens. It also includes limiting the arrival of workers from the EU who have lesser skills.

The British business owners are not happy about this as it means that there would be lesser individuals who would be doing the work in the country. These businesses are quite happy with how things are going at present because with the movement of immigrants in the country, they are able to get skilled and reliable employees who help push their businesses to be even better and be even bigger. This is something that the UK government has to look into as it will affect the country’s economy quite much.

Would it be a catastrophe?

Industries in Britain are definitely not quite happy with the leaked information on immigration plans. See, they believe that it can be quite catastrophic for the whole country if such plans push through. The hospitality industry as well as the farming industry has already spoken about it and they are adamant that such plans do not happen.

The whole country and the businesses in it have been reliant on immigrants for a long time already and if these plans become real, then it would mean a sudden and drastic change to how things are going. It would be disruptive and that is something that should be prevented.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Canada May Be New Haven For Immigrants Denied On US Soil

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For an immigrant (or someone who is wishing to be an immigrant), the chance to be in a new country and start a new life is a dream come true. It would mean the chance to build a new life and start all over again if there is such a need. It should also mean the chance to get away from whatever issue or situation they may have had back in their country of origin. They did not choose to be an immigrant just because – there are definitely some issues that they had to leave behind.

For an immigrant (or someone who is wishing to be an immigrant), one of their greatest fears would be to actually be in the new country already and later on be denied the chance to live there. It would mean that these individuals that have been given the disapproval to stay in the country just may have to look for another country that would take them. Of course, they would like to find a country that is quite near to where they currently are especially if they have come halfway across the world just to be an immigrant.

The Obama Administration Security

Back when Barrack Obama still was president of the United States of America, his administration had a program that was aimed at helping the younger immigrants who have come to the country. Most of them do not have immigrant status or the right papers and so the Obama administration created a program that would provide them security and the chance to be considered an immigrant there. This gave them hope knowing that they would not need to find another country to call their own.

Now, with the new administration running the US government, this small bit of security that was given to the young immigrants in the United States have been taken away. Now, these young immigrants have no option but to leave the country or be deported. Or if not, they can still stay in the country but they would have to go underground or else be deported. Definitely not something that is good for them.

The hope that Canada brings

Many of these affected immigrants are now looking at Canada as a country that would take them and allow them to live there as their new home. This is because Canada is just a neighbor of the United States and it means that traveling would not be too far and a lot less expensive. Given also the good background that Canada has when it comes to immigration and immigrants, many see Canada as a beacon of hope in their current situation.

Most of the affected immigrants in the US are of the ages 16 to 35 years old. They may still be young but they are already facing such grim situations like being homeless and country-less.

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Monday, September 11, 2017

New Zealand Immigration Numbers Underestimated

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Getting the right numbers is very important especially when it comes to data in a country. In New Zealand, the country has a dedicated branch that works on these. It is essential that the numbers are right so that the lawmakers can be able to see the trends and work out the right policies and provide solutions to any existing issues. As they say, the numbers do not lie. Or do they? Can numbers really lie? Or is the discrepancy in numbers the outcome of some human error which is most likely to happen?

Recently there have been some updates regarding the numbers in the immigration in New Zealand. According to a new report that was recently published, there is a new method that has been tried and tested. This new technique of collecting information and data in NZimmigration shows that the actual numbers that the government has been working with and has been announcing to the public is actually a lot lower than what is really happening. This is for 15 years previously. And the discrepancy has amounted to around 60,000 individuals in immigration numbers.

The new method in data gathering

This new technique in gathering data and numbers in New Zealand immigration is called the 12/16 month rule. It was recently introduced and announced just last year. The 12/16 month rule actually looks at individuals in the country and tracks travels and trips done by individuals. This includes arrivals in the country as well as departures. This new method is more rigorous and specific. And for the people behind the program, it is also more into the details which can help provide better stories and trends than the usual way of collecting data.

To be able to see how the new method fares, the data that was collected through this was actually compared to the numbers that were put together beginning the year 2001. The numbers were based on all of the stated intentions of individuals regarding their movement. This was indicated in the cards for arrival and for departure. The information also included whether an individual would be in the country for a short stay or would be there for long term.

The understatement of information and numbers

According to Statistics New Zealand, the numbers for the arrivals and departures that were for long term in the country were really understated with the use of the old system of collecting data. That is in comparison with the new method that was put into trial. Statistics New Zealand is the country’s official branch of the government that works on data and statistics.

Kim Dunstan works as a senior demographer for the government agency and Dunstan has stated that with the old method, the statistics show that the country has received just about 300,000 with immigration. Although when compared with the data using the new method, the actual number may be more by 59,000.

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Friday, September 8, 2017

Immigration Rates In UK Are Actually Lower Than Reported, New Study Claims

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There has been much clamor when it comes to the immigration numbers in the United Kingdom. And that is why the government has been pushing for an exit from the European Union so much so that they could have better control over the border and thus be able to have total control over the immigration numbers. If the plan to do the exit pushes through, this should also mean that the UK would then be putting a limit when it comes to the number of immigrants that the country would allow.

The plans have set the limit of immigrants to less than 100,000 for each year. And that is because the numbers that have been reported are claiming that the number of immigrants coming in each year is quite high and has been continuing to go up. However, as of recent, there have been reports claiming that the number of immigrants coming in the country has started to go down already. Aside from that, a new study has claimed that the rates are far lower than what has been reported previously.

The numbers are lower

According to the new study on immigration in the United Kingdom, 97% of all students from other countries actually do not continue living in the country after they finish their studies. This is as with regards to a new check that has been done on the immigration numbers. With that, this definitely means that the rate of immigration in the country is far lower than what had been reported before. So this means that the clamor for better control on the borders just may not be that necessary since the numbers really do not seem to be quite high as thought earlier.

There have also been claims that tens of thousands of these international students decide to stay in the UK though illegally after their studies have been completed. However, the checks on the exit data show that this is not quite true. So that means that the numbers definitely are lower and that the previous reports do not contain factual information.

The difference in the numbers

The Telegraph, a newspaper in the UK, was behind the study and they did consult with sources from Whitehall. According to the new information that they were able to collect, there is a huge discrepancy in the numbers that have been reported and the new numbers that they were able to put together. The current rate is at around 248,000 individuals for each year. That is a rough estimate. However, the new numbers actually show that the real number may actually be lower by tens of thousands and that sure is a huge difference.

The new numbers were published recently by the newspaper. The Home Office also is planning on doing a new study themselves.

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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Small Towns In Canada Just Could Be The Place For Immigrants

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Canada has been a top country of choice when it comes to immigration. It can be seen in the huge number of individuals choosing to go to the country. Ask the country’s Immigration branch and they would be able to provide you with a huge amount of information regarding the data on movement to the country. In fact, it is one of the countries with the highest number of immigrants coming in each year.  Add to that the even bigger amount of applications and inquiries that the department is receiving.

This is definitely not a surprise as the country is quite a dream for many people. See, it has a big and strong economy. It also has programs that help immigrants adapt well to their new communities. The country is also known for being open-minded and is quite against racism. With good conditions like these, people are attracted to move there and live there.

The situation for immigrants in terms of location in Canada

The country is known for its really huge land area. Data has it that the country owns an area that can amount to around ten million in square kilometers. That definitely is huge. This land area contains a variety of wonders that includes cities, forests, mountains, tundras, grasslands, and rocky areas. However, the issue here is that despite such a huge area, people choose to live in the big cities rather than choose to go to the smaller areas of the country. That is why the cities are starting to get congested.

With that, the Canadian government has been working on a solution and that is to actually find ways to reduce congestion in the big cities. With immigrants coming in the country and most of them choosing the big cities as these are the only areas that they know of, the government has created programs that would bring these immigrants to the small places where there are a lot less people but where jobs await them.

The small town story

Many are making their way to the big cities in Canada as big cities bring about the promise of jobs. However, what is happening is that there are just too many people in these places and this means that there are less and less in the smaller areas of the country. The big cities have too many people and yet do not get enough jobs for everyone there. However, the smaller places have got too less people and too many jobs waiting to get done.

With that, it is highly recommended that the immigrants choose to go to the smaller areas where the jobs are waiting. It would be a lot less hassle for them and it would also help them integrate better in the new country that they are in as there is a lot less stress as compared to the urban jungles of Canada.

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

New Zealand Government Gives Praise To Immigrant Workers

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Praises may not come as much as complaints and reprimands but when they are given, those words would stick for a really long time. Yes, praises happen and praises have been recently given to the immigrant workers in New Zealand. Those high praises have been given to this group by the country’s government. This has made a lot of immigrant workers in NZ quite happy as it means that the work that they do has been given the proper recognition by the government and it also means to them that they are doing great at the jobs that they have.

Recently, a minister of the government of New Zealand has said his praises regarding employees in the country that are immigrants. He claimed that those who are from other countries and are now working in the country have proven to be quite good at the jobs that they do. This is good news for all of the immigrants who are working in the country as it means that they are doing well and that they are contributing to the country’s economy through the work that they do.

The numbers tell a story

The government and its statistics have shown an estimate of the amount of revenue that the immigrant workers have brought to the country via the taxes that they pay. The numbers show an estimate of $8 million in New Zealand currency. That is just for the taxes. Come to think about all the other ways that these individuals can bring revenue to New Zealand by simply being there and working there.

The numbers also have it that the amount of money that the government has spent on their immigrants and the immigration programs has amounted to around $4 million in NZ currency. These expenses have happened for all the programs that the country has for the immigration population and that include education, benefits, allowances, and health. Despite such expenses, the immigrants still has brought even more as the $8 million that they bring to the country is definitely much higher than what has been spent on them as a group.

Immigration benefits NZ

The government of NZ definitely needs to give praises to its workers who are immigrants as they bring about much income. As compared to the working population that is purely born and bred individuals of the country, this group only brings about $2 million in NZ currency. That is for a total of 3.1 million individuals who are already a part of the labor force.

As for business owners, many still prefer employing immigrants as they have proven to be reliable and flexible when it comes to the tasks given to them. Aside from such, this group has also been known to be quite hard working as well.

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Lower Immigrants Numbers Will Affect UK Economy

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A lot has been said and debated on when it comes to the United Kingdom’s push for immigration policies that will take effect once the country decides to continue with its plans to exit the European Union. Many have been claiming that there is just way too much immigrants in the country. And then there are those, who, after studying the possible effects, have claimed that immigration is very helpful to the country especially when it comes to the economy.

The truth is, the British economy relies heavily on immigrants and the help that they bring to the country. Experts have taken a look at the situation and it has been found out that the UK economy gets a lot of benefits from immigration as the individuals who come to the country offer a lot of help as workforce. With businesses growing well and being successful, thanks to the help of its employees (with most employees being immigrants), the economy also becomes even better.

The push to cut down the numbers

The current government of the United Kingdom headed by Theresa May has been looking at the immigration situation for quite some time now. With their strong belief that the numbers are too high for the country, they have thought about making sure that this was lessened and cut significantly. That is why it is during this government that they are trying to go for the exit.

The Prime Minister has not been shy to share to the world about their plans on the exit. In fact, she has been more than vocal about it. According to her, the Conservative party has been trying to make the numbers work for immigration but it has been failing desperately. That is why she believes that the exit would be the best way to resolve the issue.

This has been the goal with the whole plan. And with the impending exit, many immigrants in the country are trying to make sure that they got a country to call their own. That is why the numbers have slowly been going down even without the country doing the exit that has been planned.

The downside to lower numbers

Experts have been looking at the situation and many believe that the lower immigration numbers are going to take a toll on the United Kingdom’s economy. This would mean that the growth of the economy would be even lower and would affect the whole country. The numbers have it that with the potential of the exit, the country has already been experiencing a growth rate in its economy that is far lower than usual. As compared to other major economies in the world, the Britain economy has been one of the lowest in terms of growth just for the year 2017.

So to push through with the immigration numbers cut would be a really big risk knowing the consequences. The government should rethink their plans and find ways that would help the country really well.

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Monday, September 4, 2017

Super Visa Program Helpful To A Lot of Seniors Wishing To Join Family In Canada As Immigrant

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It can be heartbreaking - being away from families and loved ones. But this happens especially if one’s sons or daughters have decided to move away and become an immigrant in a new country. It takes a lot of time, seemingly like forever, to be able to bring other members of the family to the new country. And that is why a lot of seniors simply stay in the country where they are originally from and just speak with their families from time to time. But one can definitely not mistake the longing that these seniors have to be with their families. Speaking with loved ones over the phone or via the internet can never be replaced with being with them in person and getting to hug them and kiss them just because they can.

But there is good news for all of those seniors who are wishing to join their families who are already in Canada. The country has a program that should help them be immigrants in Canada in the shortest time possible and would allow them to not go through the usual channels just to get there.

The Super Visa program in Canada

Before, the seniors who want to be immigrants in Canada to be able to spend time with their families and loved ones had to go through the Parent and Grandparent sponsorship immigrant program (which was also known as the PGP). However, this program has closed its doors on new applications that may be coming in. Thus, this was one less way of actually getting into the country as an immigrant. However, there is a new way for the seniors to be immigrants in Canada and this is the Super Visa Program and this still is accepting applications.

With the Super Visa program, seniors can actually go and visit their family and loved ones in Canada via multiple entry and they can do this for 10 years. It also allows the individual to actually stay in the country for two years during their very first visit. This opportunity should allow the senior to decide and see if being an immigrant in the country would be something that they would do. If not, the chance to visit their family and loved ones would be more than enough for the time being.

The numbers for Super Visa

Super Visa came into being back in 2011. Since then, it has been able to send out around 90,000 approvals. That is a high number and that means a high number of immigrants to the country as well. The top countries that had been given the approval for this program are India, China, the Philippines, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

It is important to keep in mind that this visa only allows for visits but not necessarily citizenship. But it is a good way to gauge if the individual finds Canada as a good place for immigration or not as they can go in and out of the country for up to ten years.

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Friday, September 1, 2017

More New Zealand Immigrant Applications Coming In Despite Computer Issues

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There seems to be no stopping all of those aspiring immigrants who have chosen New Zealand as their target country. The numbers still continue to grow and the country has recently broken its own record once again. This is not a surprise anymore as of lately as many have continued to choose the country as their target. After all, the country comes with quite a good culture, a nice lifestyle, a strong economy, and wonderful natural resources that cannot be quite found in other countries.

Recently, the country’s immigration department has had some issues with its computers and this has caused the immigration branch of New Zealand to actually process applications quite a lot slower. So this means that all other applications were put on hold since they have had to process the ones that came in first. It caused quite a backlog. And with the continuing number of applications for immigration coming in, one can definitely picture just how much work needs to be done once the computer issues are resolved.

A glitch in the computer

Despite the high number of applications that have been pouring in, a computer glitch just did not seem to slow things down. There are still thousands of individuals who still want to put in their applications to get a temporary visa for New Zealand. The computer glitch made the whole thing difficult for these possible immigrants as the glitch did not allow the individuals to put in their applications. This was an error in the immigration department’s computer and they are already working on it.

The glitch affected the online service of NZ for those aspiring immigrants. This means that anybody who wants to be an immigrant in the country can put in their applications without having to leave the comfort of their own home as it can be done online. Visa application has been made online for those who want to be in NZ. There was a scheduled upgrade for the whole system a few days ago but that upgrade only brought about bugs and this computer glitch that caused more trouble than assistance.

The bright side

There is a bright side to this story though. Despite such a problem with the online application, many have still pushed on to find other ways to get their applications for a NZ immigrant status in. The agency has also stated their apologies for any inconvenience caused by the upgrade to their system. The bright side shows that despite such trouble, many are still willing to do whatever it takes to be an immigrant in NZ.

Now, the error has been given the proper attention and the system was up and working like normal after a number of hours. So the number of applications continue to pour in and work continues for the immigration agency.

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

British Citizenship And Proof Of Good Character

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A lot of individuals want to move to a new country and be an immigrant there. The problem with that though is that there are plenty of requirements that one must be able to fulfill to be able to be an immigrant. Of course, this is just understandable as those countries have to filter the people coming in and they are doing this for a variety of reasons. Some put a high importance on individuals with families while others put high importance on those people who can contribute largely to the country’s economy. It all depends on what the country’s priorities are.

One of the top requirements that is needed if a person wants to be a citizen of the United Kingdom would be proof of that person’s good character. Without this, any individual who is wishing to be an immigrant and a citizen of the country would not be given approval for his or her application. It is highly essential that one has this requirement.

So what are the circumstances where good character may not be given to a person? Well, here are some instances that would be an automatic disapproval of any immigration or citizenship application in the UK.

Convicted as a criminal

In most cases, any applicant that has already been convicted as a criminal will not be deemed as a person with good character. This is simply not just for the United Kingdom but also for other countries as well. Basically, this is very self-explanatory. Any person that has been proven to be involved in a crime definitely is not of good character.

Experts have looked into the matter and the UK government does not close its doors on people with such records. Instead, it has a list of guidelines and requirements on the kind of crime that has been done and all other factors that are part of the case. That is when the country’s immigration branch will decide on the application.

Done things not good for the public.

If an individual has done acts that are not good for the public or is against the public good, then that person will not be someone of good character. This can involve being a part of any terrorism actions. Terrorism has never been good for the public and thus any person involved in such would not have good character.

Finances are not in order.

For a person who does not have his or her finances in order, the chances of getting proof of good character would greatly decrease. It is essential that any immigrant would have their finances in order as well as their taxes. Consulting finance experts would be a good thing to do for those who are interested in being a British citizen so that they would be able to see if they can get such proof.

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