Friday, November 17, 2017

Permanent Residency For Immigrant Workers In Canada Pushed By Mushroom Industry

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The truth about immigration in Canada is simply not just because the country is open and welcoming to all of those who are looking for a new country that they would call their new home. Immigration in Canada is happening because the country is in need of immigrants. So this is a win-win situation for both parties. Immigrants are looking for a new country. Canada is in need of immigrants. It is definitely beneficial for both ends.

The reasons for Canada being open to immigrants are varied. There is the issue on the aging population that needs the new blood of the new immigrants in the country. And then there is also the need for more workers who will keep on and bring the Canadian economy to greater heights.

Recently, the mushroom growing industry has spoken out and it is also in need of more workers as well. Since the country is open to immigrants, it is pushing that the government do something about it and help those working in the industry to receive permanent residency as quickly as those who in other worker programs that the country has.

The mushroom industry in Canada

One may not notice it but the mushroom industry in Canada is quite a booming one. It is estimated to be worth $1 billion CAN and so it definitely helps a big deal with the country’s economy. The constant dilemma that the industry does have though is that it is often in need of laborers and workers. The workforce in this industry is not stable and a recent report has shown that if the industry is to further grow and be bigger, it has to have a stable group of workers to support it.

What the mushroom industry is pushing for is for Ottawa to actually provide easy permanent residency status to those immigrant workers who are already doing their share. The current number of immigrant workers in the mushroom industry is an estimated 870 individuals. By providing these individuals permanent residency, these individuals would be staying in the country, would not have to worry about any visas expiring, would not have to worry about getting deported, and would be happier. Once workers are happy, they are known to do more. And that would be beneficial for the businesses, the industry, the economy, and the country.

No stability for the industry

So far, this industry is not yet stable because it does not have a set of laborers who are always there and doing the work. There are a lot of vacancies and so the jobs are not done completely. If this continues to happen, the whole mushroom industry may just have to be in hot water and that is something that can be avoided once the government acts on it right away. This is as per a report that was released recently by Mushrooms Canada. Mushrooms Canada is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the whole mushroom growing industry.

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

British Construction Workers Eyed By New Zealand As Immigrant Workers Once Exit From EU Happens

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Although there are a lot of people who are not happy about the plans of the United Kingdom government to push through with exiting from the European Union, there are also groups and countries that are seemingly going to benefit from this. Many believe that the exit would not bring any kind of good to the UK although there are plenty others who think that it will benefit the country. Aside from those, there are also countries that have been waiting for this to take place. One of those countries that are in wait is New Zealand and it is eyeing British workers after the exit happens.

With the exit, what the New Zealand government is planning on doing is to actually hope to bring and attract thousands in number of construction workers in the United Kingdom. The country is hoping to attract these individuals to be immigrant workers on their soil. At present, the new NZ government has plans – really big plans – and that is a program on housing as well as infrastructure. The target is quite high and so it means there is a need for more workers.

The shortage on skilled construction workers

Taking a look at a statement from the Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (or also known as the BCITO), NZ has a shortage when it comes to construction workers with the right skills. It is also needing around 65,000 individual workers in the coming five years so that those who would leave the industry may be easily replaced. These workers will not be looking for jobs as the projects that are part of the construction program is quite huge and so the workers will be quite busy and have a lot of things to do. The BCITO is an appointment group by the NewZealand government that handles talents for the building and construction industry in the country.

Since New Zealand is unable to find local skilled workers for the construction industry, the government had to look someplace else. With the UK being unstable still because of the looming possibly of the exit, NZ is hoping to attract those who are uncertain about their future in the UK to be immigrants in the NZ and provide their skills and talents to the building and construction industry here.

The huge NZ program

The construction program in New Zealand is quite big. The campaign that is known as the LookSee Build NZ needs a lot of workers and it entails working with a $125 NZ billion worth of infrastructure projects in the coming ten years. That is definitely big and the time is short. So to be able to fulfill that promise of bringing the best projects, the government definitely needs backup and the UK skilled construction workers may just be the answer to this dilemma.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

UK Immigration Numbers Should Not Include International Students

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It is not a secret that there are a lot of individuals who make their way to the United Kingdom each year to get the education that they want to attain. Most of these students are in the country for higher education. This is not a surprise as the country is home to some of the top universities in the whole world. The list of universities and colleges in the UK that are world-class include Lancaster University, University of Warwick, Durham University, University of St. Andrews, University of Oxford, and the University of Cambridge.

These students who come to the country are not few. In fact, they come in tens of thousands each year so one can definitely imagine the huge amount of international students that Britain has. These international students affect the UK’s immigration numbers as they are included in the data. Recently, there has been a move to make the immigration numbers not include these students. That means, if these students would be removed from the equation, the immigration numbers in the UK would definitely go down.

The target for immigration

Amber Rudd is currently the country’s Home Secretary. Rudd has been pushing for the move to take out international students from being counted from the target of reduced immigration which is a new policy by the UK government. For Rudd, not counting in the international students is a necessity as this would lessen the chances of the UK government from getting defeat. This is in preparation for the House of Commons when it discusses the new program after the country pushes through with its plans of exiting the European Union.

The only problem with this proposal from Rudd is that Theresa May, the country’s Prime Minister, has her own impression on the numbers and May believes that international students should be included in the total number of immigration in the country. After all, these individuals are considered to be immigrants merely basing on the term’s basic definition. So to go with Rudd or to go with May is a current dilemma that the officials of the government are facing and pondering over.

In the hopes of a reconsideration

What Rudd is hoping for is a reconsideration on the issue at hand from the Prime Minister. Rudd is leaning on the exploitative student visas and the reformation that has happened to them during May’s terms when she still worked as the Home Secretary of the UK. This is what Rudd is hoping for and is basing on.

Rudd is not alone in this cause. There are other politicians who are also keen on giving Rudd the support that she needs and wants regarding the issue. And these politicians are more than happy to state their share of thoughts on the issue.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

New Canada Immigration Program To Target Tech Talent

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The need for more high technology skilled and talented individuals is high in Canada right now. The country’s government has already done its share in trying to find such individuals right in the country. However, the demand is high and the supply is few. That is why this government has now spread its scope of searching even further and included all other countries in the world – all in search for those high tech talented individuals who would be able to fill up the positions needed by companies in the country.

What the government of Canada has done is to create a pilot program. This new program has been put together with the idea of allowing those foreign workers be able to find the necessary jobs in Canada. Once they are able to find the job that they can do and get employed by the company, these workers can now become worker immigrants in Canada. The pilot program has, so far, brought over 1,600 individuals in the two months and a half that this has been running, which makes it quite a successful program so far.

The program and its basics

The program has been put together and released by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, the country’s official branch that deals with movement and residency in the country. This entire program will be running for two years only so as to be able to help, during this period, all of those companies that need those individuals to do the tech work. The main goal here is to fill up all those positions and get the jobs done so that these businesses can grow and expand. Businesses that continue to grow are beneficial to the country and to the economy and that is why the Canadian government is quite supportive of these and their needs.

The whole program is known as the Global Skills Strategy. With this one, immigrant workers in Canada would have a lot less time to wait around to get a work permit. The whole process could only take weeks rather than the usual period which is several months. Those immigrant workers in the country because of this program can easily bring their family members of immediate stature to Canada as well.

How it has been running so far

Navdeep Bains works as the minister for the Canadian branch on innovation, science, and economic development. On the Global Skills Strategy, he says that so far, the feedback from the private businesses and companies that have been getting immigrant workers through the program have given positive feedback. This goes to reflect that the program is working well and the goal is slowly being achieved.

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Why Is New Zealand A Top Immigration Destination?

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A lot of individuals have made it to New Zealand as immigrants and these people are quite happy about it. Around the globe, there are more and more people who are interested and planning on being immigrants in this country. The country’s popularity as an immigration destination has reached heights that it has now become one of the top places for immigration.

The question mainly is, what is with New Zealand that makes it a top immigration destination? Research from immigrants allowed for getting the top reasons why. Read on and find out.

Let’s talk about the weather.

Compared to other parts of the globe, the weather in New Zealand can be pretty fantastic. However, it is not for people who have no sense of humor in their bones. The weather here can be pretty annoying as it can go from quite sunny one minute and then have a downpour later on in the day. But it is not always like that. Plus, it is also quite tempered as compared to some countries where the rain may pour most of the time or the sun may shine too bright and too hot for most of the year.

The beaches have been luring people in.

Because the country is composed of two primary islands, it is surrounded by water. Thus, one can expect a lot of beaches to go to. This is what attracts a lot of immigrants to the country, especially those who have been dreaming of living near the beach. After all, the beach is quite a good place to go to relax. After a week’s worth of work, stress, and responsibilities, some time by the beach can definitely boost one’s spirits and health. Studies have it that living near the beach or having some beach therapy is definitely quite beneficial.

There are a lot of greens, too.

Those who have made their way to New Zealand have been more than happy to share just how green the country is. There are still a lot of plants and trees there and this goes to reflect how the locals and residents of the country are doing their best to make sure that their environment remains green and preserved. This allows them to enjoy really clean air.

The NZ government is also making sure that the environment in the country is unspoiled and that it is protected at all costs. This is a good thing to do as having an unspoiled environment is beneficial to everyone in the country and also beneficial to the entire Earth. This is why plenty of immigrants, especially those who are tired of cement structures, are making their way to the country. This is also bringing in a lot of individuals who love nature.

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Friday, November 10, 2017

More Reasons Why Immigrants Are Choosing The UK

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The world cannot neglect the fact that the United Kingdom is one of the most popular destinations for immigrants. Many are planning to go there but just do not have enough of the needed requirements. Many have made their way to the country and are more than happy with the life that they have established there. Immigrants are definitely looking at Britain as one of the best countries to make a new life in.

So what exactly are the reasons why immigrants want the UK to be their next new country? Well, there are a thousand of reasons. Here are more reasons why these immigrants have found UK to be their haven.

Traveling in and out of the country is a breeze.

As long as individuals have the requirements, traveling in and out of Britain is quite a breeze. Many have found the country to be located in the right side of the globe. If people choose to go to neighboring countries, that would be an easy feat as the UK is simply geographically located smack in the middle of trades and industries. Transportation here is not a problem and with the country being one of the biggest and strongest economies, one can simply imagine just how much modes of transportation are available here.

Education is world-class.

How many individuals have made their way to the United Kingdom just to be able to get the education that they want? Plenty. And the numbers are still continuing to grow.

Education in the United Kingdom is definitely world-class. People from all around the globe are doing their very best to make sure that they are able to study in one of the top universities of the country. These top universities continue to stay at the top of the list of the best universities in the entire world. The list of universities that can be found in Britain include the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, King’s College London, and University of Edinburgh.

It is all about the food.

They say that a person does not really know a place if he or she has not tried out the local cuisine. Well, immigrants in Britain can attest to the fact that the country is home to some of the world-class cuisine. Although there have been times when the UK has been branded as having the worst food ever in the entire continent of Europe, that is a thing of the past. Right now, one can experience really good food and the best restaurants that have sprouted all over the place.

So what foods are quite what people should try once in the UK? The list includes fish and chips, Sunday roast, Yorkshire pudding, Eton mess, pie and mash, bangers and mash, cockles, and the full English breakfast.

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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Almost 1 Million Immigrants To Be Welcomed In Canada In Three Years

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Whoever said that Canada is not open to immigrants must check out his or her facts and get them straight. Truth be told, Canada is one of the most open countries when it comes to immigration and immigrants. It is quite open to all of those who are willing and interested in joining the country as immigrants. And, it has been quite in need of immigrants to help out with the workforce and other industries that this country has created programs to help out those individuals whose talents and skills can contribute well to the country.

While other countries have put a maximum limit to the number of immigrants that they would welcome each year, the same cannot be said for Canada. In Canada, they have put a limit. But instead of a maximum, they have put a minimum number of immigrants to take in each year. Now, that is something that one would not get to see in most of the top immigration destinations around the world.

Almost one million immigrants in Canada

In the coming three years, the country will be greatly welcoming almost one million immigrants to their land. This is as per a strategy that the Liberal government has put into place. It is known as the most ambitious when it comes to immigration rates in current times. This definitely is a reflection of just how much immigrants the country needs to help with the workforce and to also help with the population. Most of the population in the country is aging and so the immigrants would be the ones to help boost that aging population and bring in more births rather than deaths.

By the year 2018, the numbers for families reunited, refugees, and economic immigrants will slowly rise to reach around 310,000. This is going to be an increase of 10,000 individuals as compared to this year. The program is focusing on adding 10,000 each year until the year 2020. Put them all together, and the total would reach almost one million in immigrant numbers.

The aging population and immigration

The House of Commons has already disclosed that they have already created the targets to help the country’s aging population. With immigration, they are looking into economic immigrants. They are also looking at families as well as refugees. These are the groups that they believe would help the country’s population and make it younger and more youthful.

With this, the new immigrants should help increase the immigrant population by almost one per cent by the year 2020, which is happening in the coming three years. It may be ambitious but it is all for the good of the country.

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Visas For Refugees Of Climate Change Being Studied By New Zealand Gov’t

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Climate change may seem like a myth to only a handful of people but it can definitely be felt by the huge part of the population of the world. There are studies about it and there has been a lot of research about it. Climate change is real and not being able to recognize that will definitely bring about even more catastrophic effects that the world would not want to happen.

The New Zealand government believes that climate change is real and that they can do something about those who are gravely affected by this. The minister of the country has stated that they can be working on a program to help those individuals out. They are pushing for an experimental humanitarian visa category and bring in those individuals as immigrants in New Zealand. This visa category can be brought to the public and should help firstly those individuals who are being removed from their homes because of the rising oceans and seas. Many are being displaced because of this and the New Zealand government is willing to help.

What the NZ government is looking into

One of the places in the world that has been greatly affected by climate change would be those who have been living in the Pacific Islands area. These are the islands that can be found in the Pacific Ocean. These are quite small islands and so rising seas can definitely affect the residents of those places really well. Little by little, the land is becoming engulfed by the waters. By creating a visa category for those displaced by climate change, the New Zealand government believes that it would be a great way to help those that are affected.

If the new category becomes reality, this would bring to life the promise made by the country’s Green party. During the campaign period, this group has been vocal about creating a policy that would help give 100 visas to individuals who have been affected negatively by climate change. If this pushes through, many individuals would be happy to get those visas and be immigrants in New Zealand.

This new visa category

James Shaw works as the leader of the Green party. On this possible new visa category, he believes that this category which is also experimental and humanitarian is going to benefit a lot of individuals. Once it is implemented, those individuals from the Pacific islands would be thankful that they were able to get off what could be considered as sinking islands because of climate change. There is still a long way to go to get this going and the party is fully intent on putting their efforts into it. That way, once the program is in action, helping those who need help the most can be achieved.

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Three Reasons Why Immigrants Are Choosing UK

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Why the United Kingdom still is one of the top choices for immigration is definitely not something to be surprised about. People are choosing this country because they have valid reasons why and they are looking for a new country to call their home. With the lure that the UK has, one simply cannot be surprised at just why this country has been receiving quite a huge number of immigrants each year.

So what are the reasons why immigrants are choosing Britain? Well, here are some of the top reasons and the top lures that the country has in bringing in those immigrants:

The country has a really rich history.

For all of those individuals who are all for rich history, the United Kingdom is the place to go to. People have been simply amazed at just how rich the history is in the country and it has been able to keep that history intact. No, it definitely has developed and progressed from what it was before but the country is definitely proud of the history that it has that people can find historical places and spots all over the country to provide everyone with the right information.

Taking a walk down the streets of Britain would allow people to see historical facts and data from homes that have been preserved through time. One can also find history in churches as well as castles which are quite popular sources of stories.

The UK has a diverse culture.

There are countries where they make sure that the culture that they have is something that is amenable to them and governments would change the stories just to get the one that they like. However, in the UK, culture is something that they embrace. One can find diversity in the country’s culture.

Walking around the country would allow people to have access to the best museums in the world. It is also home to really good music. Sports is also something that one can find in the country. As a melting pot of sorts, the country has really wonderful culture that is just about for everybody.

Healthcare is free for Britons.

For all of the residents of the United Kingdom, these individuals are able to take advantage of the country’s National Health Service which should give them free healthcare. Taking a trip around the globe can show just how many countries can provide programs like this. For most countries, healthcare can cost an arm and a leg. This is not the case for Britain. Those who get healthcare do not have to pay for it. With such a program, the country is one of the top when it comes to healthcare, and medical research.

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Monday, November 6, 2017

Highest Rate Of Immigrants Among Canadians Recorded

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Canada is currently one of the most open countries when it comes to immigration. It has been welcoming quite a huge number of individuals each year to its soil. Unlike other countries which have imposed a maximum limit of immigrants per year, this country in North America has put a minimum to the number of the immigrants that they would allow in. This means that the more immigrants that they can bring in, the better it would be.

At present, the Census of 2016 shows numbers that prove just how huge immigration is in Canada. The numbers reflect that there are more and more immigrants coming to the country as compared to previous years. It also showed that there are even more minorities that are visible as well as more people with indigenous origins. This is definitely a reflection of just how open Canada is when it comes to immigrants. It does not look at a person’s race or color or gender or preference to allow them inside the country.

Highest rate of immigrants recorded

Indeed, there are a lot of immigrants in Canada as per the numbers in the 2016 census. The share that they take has reached the highest rate that has ever been recorded in almost a hundred years. The 2016 figures from the census have been released by Statistics Canada just recently. Statistics Canada works as the official branch of the government that focuses on data and statistics in the country. Thus, numbers that come from this branch are considered to be official.

There are also more and more indigenous people in the country and it is continuing to grow. The growth of this group has been recorded at over four times the usual rate that has been recorded for those that do not belong to the group. In 2016 alone, the amount of indigenous individuals in Canada has amounted to almost 1.7 million.

The current census has focused on immigration and how it affects the Canadian population. It also dealt with diversity in ethnic and cultural groups. It also took into detail housing figures as well as indigenous individuals.

The immigration story

Figures from the 2016 census show that of all the Canadians, 21.9 per cent of these have stated that they were an immigrant or were an immigrant or had a permanent residency status. This percentage was nearly close to the 22.3 per cent of immigrants in Canada that were recorded back in 1921. This number is also an increase of 19.8 per cent as compared to the previous year.

The numbers of the study continued to see what could possibly happen in the future. According to Statistics Canada, they are looking at around 30% of the Canadian population being composed of immigrants come the year 2036.

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Friday, November 3, 2017

Auckland, New Zealand’s Growth In Population Attributed To Immigration

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The rich history of New Zealand is perhaps one of the top reasons why it continues to welcome those who may be interested in living there as immigrants. One cannot simply put aside the fact that without immigration, New Zealand will never become the country that it is today. It is currently one of the most popular immigration destinations in the whole world. Many are planning and wishing to live there and enjoy everything that the country has to offer. After all, this country is rich in nature and is also owner of one of the strongest economies in the world.

The Auckland story

With Auckland being one of the most popular cities in the country, one need not be surprised at just how much people choose to live here are compared to all other areas of the country. It is currently one of the most populous places there and immigration plays a huge part in the rise of people living there. That is not surprising as many people have that belief that staying in the big cities can help them get more chances of getting jobs that are high paying as compared to living in the rural areas.

The country, as a whole, has a population that is already aging. However, taking a trip through Auckland data, one would be able to see that this city has been filled with quite a huge lot of young individuals. This definitely reflects the belief that the city has more opportunities and more options for those who are starting out their careers. This situation is not just real in New Zealand but it is also quite the reality in all other big cities around the globe.

The numbers and what they say

Statistics New Zealand is the official branch of the government that deals with data and numbers. The latest numbers released by the agency has shown that Auckland has a population that is continuing to grow. Its current rate is 2.6 per cent for every year. Compared to all other parts of the country, this is the fastest so far.

The numbers have also continued to show that this big city in NZ is owner of the media age in the whole nation that is the lowest. Half of the populace in this city is below 34 years old. This sure is a reflection of the fact that many younger individuals are choosing the big cities to live in and discover just what they want in life.

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

UK Population May Hit 70M By 2029, Thanks To Immigration

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How a country prepares for anything that could happen is all because of detailed analysis and study of current trends, previous data, and working out the numbers. By checking out patterns and working on the numbers, analysts and experts have been able to foresee just what could happen in the future. With that, the country’s government can easily prepare for what is to come or can do something about it right now so that it does not happen in the future.

In the case of immigration in the UnitedKingdom, experts have been looking at the current trends and seeing just what could possibly happen in the near future. According to a study that was done recently, the population of Britain would be going up by 3.6 million individuals in around ten years. That is an increase of 5.5 per cent from the current population that the country has. By the middle of 2029, which is more or less a dozen years away, the country would then have a total population of 70 million.

The study that was done

It was the UK’s Office for National Statistics that was behind the study. The ONS is the biggest group in the country that works with data and statistics and it is the official agency that works the numbers. What they did was they did a forecast using the current data. It took into consideration life expectancy in the country, fertility, as well as immigration as this takes a huge part in the country’s population situation.

As per the study’s results, the ONS had come to the conclusion that in the coming ten years, 46 per cent of the growth in British population would be because of more individuals being born. There would be more births as compared to deaths. The remaining 54 per cent of the population growth would be because of the high amount of immigration. This definitely reflects that there are more and more immigrants coming to the country. Without immigration, the population may only grow so much if the country was to rely entirely on births.

The current numbers

Taking a look at the statistics on immigration in the UK, the net for the year up until the end of March amounted to 246,000 individuals. That number already includes the 127,000 individuals who have come to the country from the European Union. 179,000 individuals came from other countries in the world. Of the total, 60,000 were those who have left Britain.

Despite the number of those who have left the country, the amount of those coming in the UK still is high. And so it is not surprising that the numbers would definitely go high up in the coming years.

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Canada And The State Of Immigration In The Country

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As one of the most popular immigration destinations in the world, Canada has not been putting maximum limits to the number of immigrants that it is welcoming each year. There are countries which have imposed that especially those who are also quite popular when it comes to immigrants. What Canada has done instead is to put a minimum limit to the number of immigrants that it will be accepting.

With this in mind, just how is the country’s immigration as of present? As long as the country is accepting immigrants, these immigrants are also changing the landscape of the country. What are the effects and how is Canada doing with all the immigrants? Experts say that Canada would not be pushing for a minimum limit when it comes to immigrants if these individuals are not bringing anything beneficial to the country. Truth is, the country needs immigrants and that is why the gates are all open for them.

What are the numbers saying?

Recent numbers from the Canadian census have reflected that the country is quite diverse and it is becoming more and more diverse with more and more immigrants coming in. The numbers also reflected that the country’s number of immigrants living there is the highest recorded so far in around a century. That definitely shows just how much accommodating the country is when it comes to immigrants. For every five Canadians, one is an immigrant. Some of these have already been awarded a permanent resident status.

From 2011 until 2016, there were more than 1.2 million individuals who have found Canada as their new home. Most of them have come to the country first as skilled individuals who can help with the country’s economy. There are also more minorities now. More than 22% of the entire population is made up of these minorities. This is also as per the numbers from the Canadian census.

The diversity in Canada

It is not surprising that Canada is quite known for its diversity. In other countries, they would choose to make sure that diversity is something that would not happen especially if the factors that would bring in diversity would be immigrants. In Canada, it is not the case. Here, diversity is embraced and that is what attracts even more immigrants to come.

Diversity in the country can be seen even in the culture itself. There are plenty of immigrants now coming from the Middle East, from Asia, and even from Africa. The bureau of the country that works with numbers have given a rough estimate that if the current trends in the population continue, by the year 2036, the country may be having immigrants making up 30% of the entire population.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Labor Shortage In New Zealand May Call For Immigrants

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With the a new government now governing over New Zealand, there will be changes and the citizens of New Zealand are hoping that these would be really good changes. There are some situations that are not good in the country but these are merely small stuff that can be resolved through good solutions formed from religious studies done.

The new government has its plans even way before they were elected. During the campaign period, they have been quite vocal about their plans for the country in the instance that they win. These plans have been shared with the public so that the public would be able to choose wisely and find the best people for the big job.

As per the newly elected officials, what they are promising to bring to the nation would be more houses to be built. They have sent out a promise that they would be working on building 10,000 of these for each year. However, an obstacle has appeared and this would be quite impossible to achieve since there is not enough workers to do the job.

The lack of workers

This project that the new government of NZ has planned is known as the KiwiBuild. It is backed by the Labour party and it is estimated to cost $2 billion. 100,000 new homes for each year is a lot and it means that there should also be a good amount of workers to put these new houses together. These new houses that will be built would be made available for those individuals who are buying a house for the very first time.

This may be the plan of the new government, however, what they did not put into consideration is the current situation when it comes to labor and to workers. New Zealand’s construction and building industry has already been worried about the few amount of workers that is needed to easily and quickly complete any projects or constructions. With the KiwiBuild, it would mean that there is a need for even more than what is lacking. That is why the government should be looking at immigration as an answer to this predicament.

The current situation

Tradestaff is a company that focuses on recruitment in the country. According to them, they have a lot of jobs available and yet these jobs are not filled up because of the lack of workers who have the right skills. The country does not seem to have enough of those around.

Experts looking into the situation believe that it is high time that the government pushes for programs that would bring in immigrants and have them fill up the vacancies and get the work started.

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Monday, October 30, 2017

Fashion Industry In United Kingdom Can Be Affected By Exit From EU, Report Claims

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Many individuals, groups, and experts have looked into the possible changes that the proposed plan of the United Kingdom exiting the European Union can bring. This is a big change to the whole union and so it should also bring about big changes to the country as well. The United Kingdom as of present is one of the top countries in the world that is quite strong when it comes to economy and is quite popular in terms of immigration. It is also known to be one of the top spots for fashion. So how will the exit change the way things are in the UK?

In a new report, it has been disclosed that the free movement of people that will be having a restriction once the exit does happen will actually have a big effect on the economy of Britain. This is primarily because the country would not have easy access to the top talented individuals around the globe and it should also mean that, in effect, the economy of the country will also be affected in a negative way. One of the top industries that have been quite reliant on immigration would be the fashion industry.

What the report says

The report has been created by the Creative Industries Federation (or is more commonly known as the CIF). This was based on a study that they did. The group is based in London and it is all about the country’s industries and trades on film, music, and fashion. This is the very first report that they had done and it had shown just how detrimental the changes can be to the United Kingdom once there are limitations to the free movement that the country is enjoying at present with all other members of the European Union.

As per the report, one can be able to see that the fashion industry in Britain has been very much reliant on the talent and skills of the globe. This is where it gets its juice from. John Kampfner has been vocal about this and he says that with the exit, there is a huge risk that the fashion industry in the UK would have to suffer and so will the country’s economy. Kampfner is the chief honcho for the CIF.

The UK government’s plans

With the exit from the European Union, the country may have to work with a lot less immigrants. This is because the government has been planning on putting a maximum limit to the number of immigrants that the country will allow per year. The exit is planned to happen by March of 2019. Although it may still be more than a year away, the industries in the country are already working hard on making sure that they are not gravely affected by such a huge change.

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Friday, October 27, 2017

Immigration To Canada And Its Benefits

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Many people have been planning and dreaming about being an immigrant to Canada for a variety of reasons. One of the major reasons is that it offers a really good program when it comes to immigration and it is quite welcoming to immigrants who would pass the requirements. It has not been discriminatory when it comes to immigrants unlike some countries in the world. It has also been known for its really strong economy which provides a good deal of opportunities for all its residents and for immigrants as well.

So what are the benefits that an individual could get as an immigrant? What are the perks that come with moving to Canada?

The road to citizenship

One of the top perks of being an immigrant in Canada is that an individual is now one step closer to being granted a permanent residency status. This means that the immigrant would now be recognized as a resident and citizen of Canada. It would mean that one can definitely enjoy all the rights and all the privileges that come with being a citizen of the country.

Many aspire for this and all they have to do is fulfill the requirements to be one. Being an immigrant is one step closer to this dream and that is why one can find quite a huge number of immigrants in the country who are working their way towards citizenship.

Safety and security

There are plenty of jokes going around saying that Canadians are quite calm and collected and are also peace-loving. This is quite true as safety and security are two major things that bring a lot of immigrants to the country. There are countries that are torn apart by war and other issues. But in Canada, one’s safety is quite the priority. There are even stories that say that one can leave their homes unlocked for the night and not have to worry about robbers or thieves coming in.

The government of Canada makes sure that its citizens are safe and secure on Canadian soil and that is accomplished quite well. By making sure that rules and laws are followed, everybody in the country is happy and content.

Social responsibilities and social help

The country is also home to a social help system which has been renowned the world over. This system has been developed through the years and has proven to be quite a gem. There may be times when an individual may lose his or her job. Once this happens, the government has this system in place so as to help such individuals. It allows them to find new opportunities so that they can pick up the pieces and have a better life.

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

New Zealand Immigration May Be Finally Showing Signs Of Slowing Down

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New Zealand has been one of the top immigration destinations for the past several years. This is not surprising as the country has been quite famous for being one of the most welcoming countries in the world when it comes to immigrants. It is open to immigrants and immigrants really love the country for everything that it can offer them – from wonderful nature to a really relaxed lifestyle to good education to great job opportunities and everything else in between. Aside from that, the country also has once been uninhabited and because of immigration, it became the nation that it is now.

The past recent years have shown that more and more immigrants have favored New Zealand over most countries in the world. The numbers have shown that with each passing month, the numbers just seem to grow more and more. Experts have even said that the country has become one of the favorite immigration destinations in the world. Aside from that, the numbers have broken record after record after record.

Reaching its peak

Recently though, it seems like the immigration numbers have been showing signs that it is finally starting to slow down. According to an economist who has been looking at the numbers, the immigration numbers have seemingly reached the peak. This means that there is nowhere else to go. Because of this, this could really affect the country’s economy, the economist says. It could also mean that with a lower immigration rate, the economy may also slow down as well.

One of the top things that have attracted immigrants to New Zealand is its really good, strong, and stable economy. With the constant increase of immigrants in the country, the economy has also experienced high growth. Now that the numbers for immigration are slowing down, the economy just may do the same as well. But it would not be quite detrimental to the whole country and its residents as what most people may come to believe.

The numbers for immigration

The official data from the country has shown that there were around 71,000 individuals who have chosen New Zealand as their new home. This was the data from the start of the year up until the end of September. This number is definitely lower for the recorded number for the start of the year until August which amounted to around 72,000.

For September, the statistics have it that the total of individuals who have become immigrants in New Zealand came up to a total of 5,100. This was the lowest number recorded for a month for ever two years. There may be other factors why this has happened but it does seem like this may be the sign that the numbers have definitely reached its peak.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

UK Watchdog Claims Britain Will Have Struggle With Borders, Immigrants

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For years, the government of the United Kingdom has been pushing for changes that they believe will help make the country a lot better. In the coming months, the chances of these changes to come true are quite likely to happen. One of the biggest changes that the UK government has been pushing for would be the country’s exit from the European Union. This has gotten quite a lot of people choosing sides and looking into just what could be the effects if this happens.

According to a UK watchdog, the country’s government may be happy that the changes that they are looking for is highly likely to happen. However, what the government does need to understand, as per the watchdog, would be the struggle that the country would be going through after the exit happens. The changes that they are promising would be quite difficult to deliver especially in terms of immigrants and in terms of border control. How this will go about is something that the world would be seeing in the near future if the exit really does become reality.

The possible effects

According to Meg Hillier, the government of Britain will highly be having difficulties with the border control that they have been trying to achieve for a long time now. The exit that they have been working on for so long may seem highly likely to happen and that should not be enough time to prepare for the changes that would come with it. Hillier works as the chairwoman of the committee on Commons public accounts of the UK.

As per a report that was sent out by the National Audit Office, the Labour MP actually had a say on what the report had disclosed. The report had mentioned that there will be quite an increase that would have effects to the country. One of these would be the need for more workforce to actually push through with the border patrol and all other jobs that are associated with border watch. The National Audit Office is the country’s watchdog on expenses.

Manning the borders

Because the UK government has been pushing for the exit, it is now looking at solving this possible problem. According to them, it is working on measures to make sure that there is enough manpower for the jobs that would be needed for border control. However, it is important to understand that in the past four years, the workforce for border duties have been cut by 4%. So this means that there is a long way to go for the government to fill in the needed people to get everything running smoothly. it is a huge plan for the country and it also means that it is something that they need to really think over before pushing for it.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Want To Be An Immigrant In Canada? Check New Opportunity Stream For Alberta

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For all of those individuals who are looking for opportunities or ways to actually be an immigrant in Canada, there is good news. Canadian immigration has once again opened up an opportunity for individuals to go to Canada as immigrants and also have the capacity to work there. Of course, this one would be far easier in terms of process as it is a program of the government. However, those who would like to be immigrants in Canada through this program would have to follow the rules and that means working in Alberta and not in any other province or city.

To those who are really interested in being an immigrant in Canada, this would be the best time for them to grab such an opportunity. See, this means a lot less rigorous process to be able to go to Canada so that would mean a lot less hassle too. It would also mean being able to have a job there which is also important to be able to sustain day-to-day expenses.

A new opportunity opens

There is something new brewing in Alberta, Canada and it is known as the Opportunity Stream. It has been recently announced to the public by the authorities from the Immigration department of Canada. For this new stream for immigration, the focus would be Alberta and applications will be open for those individuals who are interested. Come the 2nd of January next year, the immigration department will start to accept those applications. This is all part of the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (which is also known as the AINP for short).

With this new opportunity for immigrants, those who are interested may find a shorter route to become a permanent resident of the country. This is available for all those foreign workers who are currently working in the province. The selection of those who would be part of the opportunity would be based on the selection system of the federal government’s Express Entry. Once they pass the application process, they can now use this to get permanent residence in Canada.

Replacing two AINP streams

Two of the current AINP streams will be taken out of the picture once the new Opportunity stream becomes official and functioning. The two streams that will be removed will be the Strategic Recruitment stream as well as the Employer-Driven stream. Since the new one is still not in effect, any applications that will be received under these two streams will be accepted. Processing will still continue even after the new one is in place. However, the only difference once January 2, 2018 comes is that there will be no applications accepted come this time.

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Monday, October 23, 2017

New Zealand Immigration Grants Transgender Briton Woman Residency

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After many years of being on the receiving end of discrimination, one can definitely feel just how it can affect one’s life. For many people, discrimination is not something to give much focus on simply because they do not feel it nor go through it. However, a lot of individuals are getting discriminated against a lot. And for most of them, to be able to get out of the hot seat from those who are harsh and rude to them, they would rather keep silent about it and not speak up so as not to get the ire.

For one woman who is transgender, she had to go through a lot for years. That is why she tried to find a new place where discrimination is not as high as from where she was originally. This new place she found was New Zealand and it gave her the solace and the peace that she had been looking for for quite some time in her life.

Started off as an immigrant

For this transgender Briton woman, the best thing for her to do after years of being discriminated against in her home country would be to pack up and leave and be an immigrant somewhere else. The United Kingdom was not giving her the peace that she deserves but was instead giving her too many nightmares. So she ventured forth and tried to look for a new place to call her new home. And that was when she found New Zealand and decided to be an immigrant there.

Having New Zealand as her choice was a good decision. In fact, it was so good that it helped her be an immigrant and be able to pick up the pieces of the life that she tried to leave behind in the UK. Now, she can start anew and focus on being better rather than spend too much time thinking about what type of discrimination she was going to get the next day. New Zealand became her haven.

The road to residency

This woman’s story was not a secret. That is why to be able to help her avoid such bad experiences, the Immigration department of New Zealand has decided to give her the residency status that she needs so as to be able to stay there until she chooses to. As per the department of immigration, they believe that this move that they have done is because this transgender needs this in her life and their reasons for providing her residency status is based on humanitarian reasons.

Now, this 57-year-old woman is a proud holder of a residency status in New Zealand, thanks to the NZ immigration department. They just gave her protection from abuse and this move has helped her feel and be safer than she has ever been.

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