Friday, January 19, 2018

Manitoba Canada Express Entry Program Sends Out Invites To First Batch Of Candidates

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The Manitoba Express Entry program is fairly one of the newest programs for immigration in Canada. Canada has been creating such programs to help out certain regions of the country that need more laborers and skilled workers. Of course, the government certainly makes sure that there are enough workers for the businesses to thrive and grow. The top choices would, of course, be the locals. However, if there is not enough skilled individuals in the country, then they would go and find those who may be able to fit the requirements from individuals from other countries.

Currently, the Express Entry program for Manitoba has already sent out the first batch of invitations. It has been able to send out invites to 155 individuals. These individuals have been given information on applying for a nomination to the province. This would be the first draw for the Express Entry for this region.

The first draw of the Express Entry Program for Manitoba

The very first draw for the Manitoba Express Entry program had happened on the 11th of January this year. This program is officially named the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (or the MPNP). It sent out 155 individual letters, which are known as Letters of Advice to Apply (or also known as the LAA). These LAAs were sent out to all the candidates that were eligible for the program. If an individual was not qualified and not eligible, then the letter would not be sent out to him or her.

To be able to be eligible, an individual must be able to have at least 565 points as their score. This would be based on the Expression of Interest, which is basically a system that the province uses. The 155 LAAs were actually part of the Express Entry part of the MPNP. Aside from these 155 LAAs, there were also 17 additional letters that were sent out to eligible and qualified skilled individuals. These individuals were invited not to be part of the Express Entry program but were actually invited under the Skilled Worker Overseas Stream. Another 119 individuals were also sent letters for the Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream.

What makes an individual eligible

The Express Entry Program of Manitoba has its own set of requirements for all of the individuals who may be interested in being an immigrant in Canada. According to the local government of Manitoba, this pathway is actually made for all of the individuals who have in them what they call as human capital values. This is an integral part of the requirements. Aside from that, these individuals must also have support which has been confirmed by a relative in the country or even a close friend who is also already in Canada.

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

New Zealand Regions Getting More Skilled Immigrants

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There are countries in the world that need immigrants for a variety of reasons. One of them would be that there is not enough young people in the country and it needs more and more of those younger individuals or couples who can help with the aging population and add to the birth rate. This would mean that the future of the country would be ensured and that there would be enough youths to continue on and make the country become even better than what it is today.

Another big reason why countries are really interested in having immigrants on their soil is that there is not enough locals who can do all the jobs that are needed in the country. This may be because there may be just too many businesses and not enough locals to have them running smoothly. It is not a secret that businesses really need employees and without them, these businesses may not continue to grow and develop. Successful businesses are important to a country’s economy.

In the case of New Zealand, the country is quite happy as it has been able to have more and more skilled immigrants coming and these individuals are settling in most of the regions. This means that the skilled individuals are not just staying in one particular city or region but is in fact scattered all around the country and helping out in whatever way they can.

What the numbers say

Auckland is one of the country’s largest cities and the numbers show that five years ago, there were at least three out of five of skilled immigrants who chose to settle in this place. However, that has changed recently. The number has gone down. Only two out of five are choosing Auckland. So that means that immigrants are choosing other places aside from this NZ big city.

As per the data that was published by the Immigration New Zealand through their publication, the Herald, last year’s data reflected that there were around 12,106 immigrants in the country. Only 40 per cent of these stayed in the country’s capital. Now, these individuals have chosen not only Auckland but other regions of the country as well to settle down in.

The efforts are showing

The NZ government has been making plans and programs that would help change how immigrants are settling only in the top cities of the country. Now, these programs have definitely changed how immigrants are choosing to settle as they have started to scatter all around the country. This is as per the analysis done by Paul Spoonley recently. Spoonley works as an immigration expert, a professor, and a sociologist at Massey University in the country. He believes that the previous programs have worked and it has made sure that all regions of the country are getting the skilled immigrants that they need.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

UK Immigrant Students Bring More Benefits Compared To Costs, Study Claims

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A good amount of immigrant students are choosing to go to the United Kingdom to get the education that they believe they want. This is not just any random decision that they made. It is basically because the country is home to quite a number of world-renowned colleges and universities. By getting education from these institutions, one can be quite sure of the quality of education that they would be receiving. It would also ensure that if they apply for a job that they want after they finish their studies, they would have an advantage over other applicants as the school that they have graduated from bears the reputation of having the best kind of educational program.

The UK government spends money on these immigrant students and this has got plenty of people saying that the country should not really spend that much on this group as the money can be used for other more important things. However, a new report and study has been published recently and it says that these immigrant students in the United Kingdom are actually bringing in more to the economy of the country as compared to what the government has spent on them. This means that the students are quite beneficial to the country.

The pressure for Theresa May

The country’s Prime Minister, Theresa May, is now getting pressure from experts. This is because of the results of the mentioned study. Immigration numbers should not include the students from around the globe and that is what experts suggest. After all, the study has disclosed that the benefits of these individuals are actually ten times more than what the government has spent on them. This means that these individuals are really very beneficial to the country and in really big ways. The amount of money spent on them on the government can be considered to be investment and how they bring back help to the country’s economy is the revenue that the country is getting from its investment.

Looking at the economy of Britain, the study has been able to see that most almost all parts of this actually benefits from the money that the international students are bringing in each year. The total amounts to around £20 billion annually. That, indeed, is a huge amount and it is not surprising to say that this really helps the UK economy in a great way.

The study that was done

The study was actually made by the Higher Education Policy Institute along with the Kaplan International Pathways. To be able to get the information for the study, the groups actually checked out the costs that the country puts in for these immigrant students. They also checked out the benefits that they bring in to the country. The data has been studied and put together by constituencies of the parliamentary.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Benefits Of Being An Immigrant In Canada

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Canada has been quite a popular destination for a good amount of immigrants. This is not surprising as it has quite a good amount of benefits that are unlike any other in the world. A good example would be a welcoming atmosphere to all the immigrants in the area. Other countries may have residents who despise immigrants. The country is also recruiting immigrants to their land as it needs more people to do jobs as there are plenty of businesses in the country and not enough workers.

So what exactly are the benefits of being an immigrant in Canada? Well, there are a lot and here are some.

There are no strangers.

The government of Canada has been pushing for a culture where the residents of the country should go and make immigrants feel welcome. The country also has programs which allow for families to move to the country so that it would be easier for the whole family to move there. When such a welcome is allowed in the country, immigrants would definitely feel like they belong and not out of place. Other places around the globe can make immigrants feel like they are not wanted. In Canada, immigrants feel welcome and at home. This is one of the benefits of being an immigrant in the country and it definitely is quite a good feeling to have as being in a new country with a different culture can be quite daunting.

That feeling of being safe.

Another benefit that immigrants find really attractive in Canada is the feeling of being safe. In other countries, individuals can feel like they have to bring a lot of protection outside their home or even while they are home. But in Canada, the government has made sure that the whole country is quite safe and that all individuals in the country feel the same. The culture in the country is that all individuals there actually follow the rules and the laws and so crimes are low and everybody feels safe. In other countries, one must lock all entrance to the house and still need a gun on the bedside table just to feel safe. Canada’s culture is totally not like this.

Permanent residency is open for all those who are interested.

There are countries where getting a permanent residency status can be quite difficult. If an individual goes to the country as an immigrant worker, there is a big chance that those people may not even get closer to a residency status. However, this is not the case in Canada. Everyone who is an immigrant in Canada may apply for such a status as long as they complete all the requirements. The permanent residency status is not too difficult to get and many have received such.

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Assessments Of Immigration New Zealand Found With Errors, Improvements Made

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New Zealand has been one of the top destinations for a lot of individuals who are looking for a new country to start their new life in. And with that, a huge number of people have definitely made their way to the country. For some, they start out as students. For others, it is all about finding greener pastures as the pasture from where they are from just is not that green for their liking.

In terms of employment, in New Zealand, there are certain types of positions that the country is looking for. One of them would be those who can help out in the farming and agriculture industry. As the country is quite huge and spacious and has a lot of agricultural land, individuals who can help out do the work in this industry is highly sought after.

Another industry that really does need workers would be the information and communications technology industry. This is also known as the ICT industry and it has also been benefitting from immigrant workers.

The flaws with ICT assessment

The guidelines that have been set by the Immigration New Zealand have been reviewed. This is especially for those of the individuals of the ICT industry and their residence visas. This has been done after the government branch has been able to identify that they had some errors in the assessments. This is a really important thing for the branch as it allows them to further check if there is a need for changes and such. By reviewing and seeing any errors, they can then change them and correct them so that it would further improve the service that they provide.

The office has further mentioned that for the officers on customer support for this industry has also been improved. This has been done by giving these officers a bigger responsibility in making decisions. This would further improve the services that they provide and also be able to bring in the qualified and right individuals to the country as immigrant workers.

The numbers

As for the numbers, the statistics for immigration in NZ has shown that there were around 59 rejected applications for residency status. This is for the ICT industry and this has happened in last year’s financial period. It is twice the total of a year previously. In the last several months of last year, there were an additional 27 more rejections for residency.

It was thanks to an appeal from 15 immigrant workers that such a review has come into being. These individuals sent their appeal to the country’s Immigration and Protection Tribunal. The people behind this have been able to see that the appeal had its merits and thus the review had been done.

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Friday, January 12, 2018

What Brings Immigrants To The United Kingdom

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Immigrants have their own reasons why they have chosen the United Kingdom over any other country in the world. The reasons come in a variety but there are those which are often given by the immigrants. So which ones are the top reasons that bring immigrants to the United Kingdom? Here are some.

Traveling abroad is easy.

There are countries where traveling abroad can be quite difficult and also expensive because of the locations of the airports or terminals. However, in the United Kingdom, traveling to other countries is pretty easy. In London itself, the capital of the country, there are plenty of ways to travel to any other country. There are buses and there are airports and there are also trains. These can take individuals to anywhere in the country or to any other place outside the UK.

It is also important to keep in mind that traveling to other countries in Europe is also quite easy to do from the UK. Traveling is also cheap and so many people take advantage of this.

Places bring variety.

Traveling should give individuals a good idea of how things look in a country. There are places where it is all buildings and cities. And then there are places where it is all farmland and lakes. In the UK, individuals can find a variety of things to see. This is primarily because the place is quite huge and so there is quite a huge variety to experience. There are towns and there are villages. There are castles and there are farmlands. The place definitely is a wonder and would not keep people bored.

Food, food, food.

Travelers say that to be able to experience the real deal in a place, one should try out the food – the local food. There are plenty of world class food that can be found in the UK and then there are local food that needs international recognition as they are delicious. For foodies, this place definitely is a paradise as there are plenty of restaurants, cafes, and just food shops that offer a variety of food for those who are gastronomically inclined.

History is everywhere.

There are places where the government and its residents try to hide their history. This is not the case for the United Kingdom. History can be found everywhere in the country and they are quite proud of what they have. The country has been a nation for many years now and so it has quite a huge deal of history to share with everyone. These can be found in the museums, in their structures, in their buildings, and plenty other sites that are easily accessible to people who are interested in learning about them.

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Canada Immigration Program Changed, Aimed At Being More Efficient

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The government of Canada does not only create programs for immigration. It makes sure that those programs are working as they had planned it to do. Of course, there will be changes in the trends and in their needs for immigrants and so they make sure that they keep studying the numbers that come with the program to see if it is working as per how they want it to work. If not, the government makes sure that it does the needed tweaks for the program to run like how they want it to run.

This is quite an interesting thing about Canada and its immigration programs. Other countries simply create a program and look back at it every now and then. However, in the case of Canada, one can easily see that it is constantly checking how the program works and if tweaks are needed, they make sure that these tweaks are made and put into action.

The current tweaks made to the Canada immigration program

Recently, new tweaks have been made to the Canada immigration program and those who are behind those tweaks claim that such have been done so that the program would work more efficiently. The federal immigration program tweaks have actually been about the whole process of application. Those that would be affected by such changes would be the individuals who would be sponsoring their parents or their grandparents to the country. With the new changes, the aim would be to actually reorganize the whole process so that if there are would be a lot less applications that are not eligible. This should save time for those who are processing the applications and make the whole process faster for those who are eligible.

This is indeed a move towards efficiency. See, if those that are not eligible still submit, the people who process all applications have to deal with them and that takes away time for those who are eligible. This makes the whole process run a lot slower especially for those who have got the right requirements. With the tweaks made, it should make the process far faster as the ineligible applications are taken out of the picture.

Applications are now getting accepted

Just this Tuesday, applications have started getting accepted by the government. These applications are for the Parents and Grandparents Program which held the changes made. So starting Tuesday, all of those who are interested to be applicants had to fill out the forms which held the usual questions. The changes were reflected in the additional number of questions that were also found in the same questionnaire. These questions were what the government needed to find out if the applicants were eligible. Once eligible, these applications were then sent off to be part of the lottery which would be the next part of the process.

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