Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Immigrants In New Zealand Find The Place Family Friendly

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For a lot of immigrants, moving to a new country is mainly because they would like to provide for their family which they usually leave back home. This is plainly because they are not sure just what kind of life would be waiting for them if the whole family became immigrants. It is best that only one from the family go ahead and try out the new life in a new country and establishing a good life there. That way, when it is time to bring the whole family, there would not be too much difficulties for everybody else, especially the children.

However, for all of those immigrants who have made their way to New Zealand, many accolades have been said about just how friendly New Zealand is to families. If people are bringing their families to the country, these people can really see just how nice it is to actually bring up a family here and how children would be safe and secure in this country.

The locals that come back

One of the top proofs that NZ is a really good place for families and those trying to raise one is the number of locals who ultimately come back to the country once they are ready to start growing roots and raising families. Plenty of locals go ahead and fly to new countries for studies or maybe even for work opportunities. However, come the time that they decide that the time for raising a family has come, these locals (also known as Kiwis) choose to go back.

The very reason for this is that these individuals know just how good New Zealand is for families and raising children. They have been brought up in the country and have lived there and so they have seen just how well the environment is for such a purpose. There are plenty of other countries out there but none can really hold a candle to just how good the country is for families. It is safe and secure and has a culture that puts families as a top priority.

What New Zealand has to offer families

New Zealand is a haven for families. It has various choices for families when it comes to homes. It also has a very friendly lifestyle that is relaxed and allows parents to have enough time to spend with their children. The educational system is also world-class and so parents would not have to worry about where they can send their children to get the right education that they would want them to have. Healthcare is also world-class. That is why plenty of couples find that New Zealand is the best place to be immigrants in and spend the rest of their lives with their children.

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Monday, December 11, 2017

UK Not Popular Among European Immigrants, Still Popular For Those Outside EU

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The citizens of the members of the European Union are not finding the United Kingdom to be as popular as they used to look at it. This can be attributed to the big vote that happened in the country as per whether the country should or should not go ahead with exiting the European Union. The final numbers have shown that the country should and this means that there would be a lot of other changes that would be coming with it. One would be the restriction and limit to the free movement that all residents of the European Union enjoy.

With the possible changes affecting those members of the European Union, those who may get the not so good effects have decided to keep themselves safe and find security somewhere else since the UK would not allow them to get that there anymore in the future once the exit really does happen. These Europeans have been quite quick on their feet and have taken the liberty of moving out of the country. Ever since the vote on the exit had happened and the results were shown, Europeans started to make new plans and move out of the country.

The numbers of immigration

Before the vote, there has been a campaign for both sides - anti and pro. Those who believed that the exit was important were majorly about not having too much control over the borders of the country. It seems like it was really a good campaign for those who are pro on the issue at hand and they got the results that they wanted. However, what they did not expect was for the EU residents to actually not find the UK quite as popular as it had been before the big vote.

Immigration to the country that was for long term had actually gone down by at least 19%. This is definitely quite a big fall and is something that would have big changes happening in the country. The number is as per the data released by the country’s Office for National Statistics (or also known as the ONS).

The need for immigrants

This is good news though for a lot of potential immigrants from other parts of the world who still look at the UK as a good place to live in. The country is now in need of immigrants who would help boost the aging population as well as provide the needed labor by a lot of the country’s businesses. Although it may seem like a negative thing for those in the EU, it seemed like the exit has opened new doors for all of those who come from other parts of the world.

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Friday, December 8, 2017

Unique Canada Immigration Program For STEM Students

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For all of the students who are looking to be immigrants in Canada, this is the right time to start planning that move. Manitoba, one of Canada’s provinces, has put together a good program for immigration. It is soon launching the very first immigration program that would fast track their move to the country. This is open for all students from around the world and to be able to qualify for this program, they must have a degree in STEM (which is also known as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Once an individual is able to pass the requirements, moving to Canada as immigrants would be way faster than the usual route.

This new program for immigration of STEM students is known as the International Education Stream. This is available only for those international students. They should have studied already in Manitoba. This program comes with a number of tiers for the students to be qualified and sorted into.

The International Education Stream

This new stream is the very first of its kind in Canada. For those who are qualified, the best that could happen to them would be the chance to apply and be considered for permanent residency in the country. This is available for those who are just graduated. As soon as they finish their course and studies, they can already start applying for permanent residency. This is good because the qualifications only ask for that and the new graduates do not need to have any kind of offer for a job. They also do not need to have any type of experience with work. The International Education Stream would be open for any applicants starting April of 2018.

Ben Rempel works as the assistant deputy minister for Manitoba’s immigration and economic opportunities. On the new stream, he says that this one actually puts high prioritization for the graduates of STEM. The program has been created so much so that it can help bring up the number of the immigrants in Manitoba that are skilled and have the right knowledge. These individuals would be able to contribute well to the economy of the province, and to the whole nation.

The thought behind the International Education Stream

Rempel has chosen to disclose the very thought behind the new stream in Manitoba. According to him, this is a good opportunity for international STEM students to take advantage of. The chance to become a permanent resident of Canada does not come easy and this program is one of those exceptions. The very thought behind this is that they are creating new pathways for these students to have so that the potential skilled individuals would already be in the country and, thus, be able to contribute later on once studies have been completed.

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Ed Sheeran Wishes To Be A Citizen Of New Zealand

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In recent celebrity news, it seems like Ed Sheeran is quite happy to be a citizen of New Zealand. This is what the very popular singer and song writer has spoken of quite recently. For him, the country is a place that he would want to live in. Well, that is definitely not surprising as New Zealand has been a haven and a paradise for all of those individuals looking for a new country to live in. And with Ed Sheeran telling the whole world that he would like to be a citizen of this country, it just helped boost the country’s reputation and made even more individuals be excited to move there as well. This is a celebrity and he is happy to live there. Just goes to show how world-class New Zealand’s living conditions are.

With Ed Sheeran’s statement on wanting to be a citizen, NZ’s Prime Minister has her own statement. Jacinda Ardern, the PM of the country, says that she first has to learn just where the celebrity stands on jandals. This should help her make a good decision on whether Sheeran should be given a citizenship or not. Jandals are actually footwear and are a shortened form of Jesus sandals.

The interview of Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran was recently interviewed and it was during this time that he mentioned that he really loved New Zealand and would want to be a citizen there. The pop star from the United Kingdom says that he loves Aotearoa and this is the name for the country in Maori. As per the pop star, his favorite city actually is Wellington and this is from all other cities in the world. Wellington is the capital of the country and is also the 2nd in terms of population of urban spots in NZ.

He has mentioned that to be a citizen in the country is one thing that he would like to become. He also continued to disclose during the radio interview in the country that he would be even willing to go ahead and ask just how to go about doing that. He also shared that he may not be a citizen right now but he will be doing all the work to be able to achieve that. Sheeran continued to say he would want to get help from the Prime Minister.

What the PM has to say

On that, Ardern said that she may have to grill Sheeran about his credentials if he really wishes to become a citizen. She had some questions which she sent via a video so that Sheeran can answer those as the request that Sheeran made for citizenship was quite informal. One of the questions that she asked was about the jandals and another one was if he knew what pineapple lumps were and if he likes them.

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

One Year After Voting For The Exit From EU, UK Net Immigration Numbers Go Down By 100,000

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It seems like the United Kingdom is now becoming quite unattractive for all of the citizens of the European Union after the country has voted to exit from the European Union which it currently belongs to. Right now, the country is still a part of the union but in the near future, Britain just may push through with doing its exit. The number of immigrants in the country has definitely gone down one year after the vote has been completed. However, this is mainly because of the EU immigrants who have chosen not to move to the country. What is interesting to note is that there are many immigrants still to the country and they come from other parts of the globe.

By looking at the numbers of immigration in Britain, one would be able to see that over 100,000 have been reduced from the net right after the exit has been voted on. Since the year 2013, the number of individuals as immigrants in the United Kingdom has definitely gone down and this year has got to be the lowest ever recorded since that year. Definitely shows just how the EU citizens are looking at the UK after the big decision.

The numbers tell the story

Getting the information from the data starting at January 1st of this year up until the end of June, the net number for immigration of those coming to the UK came to around 230,000. This was definitely a huge decrease as a year earlier, the net was 336,000 for the same period. That is a difference of around 106,000. This may be good news for the country’s prime minister, Theresa May, who is pushing for a lower number of immigrants per year in the country.

The data also reflects that there is also a lot less immigrants from individuals hailing from the European Union. The drop is definitely remarkable and experts who are looking into the matter say that the country is surely not as attractive as it was before for those from the EU. If this continues, the country just may have to deal with finding the right people to do the jobs needed in the country. Though the UK may seem unattractive for those from the EU, the country still has the rest of the globe to look for the right skilled immigrants.

The rise in jobs taken

Despite the decrease in number from the EU immigrants, there is a bright future shining. According to the immigration minister, Brandon Lewis, the number of immigrants coming to the country with confirmed work and job positions has risen. This means that there would be no problem with the workforce and that the UK is still attractive for those individuals from other parts of the world.

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Pilot Atlantic Canada Immigration Program Aimed At Bringing New People In

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Canada may seem to be on top of its game as of recent years but it does not mean that it is not riddled with problems and issues. The good thing about the Canadian government is it makes sure that any problems or any possible issues that could come up is dealt with as soon as they are able to notice that it can happen or it has happened. As they say, prevention is better than the cure and this seems to be quite real in the case of Canada.

In the region of Canada that can be found on the Atlantic coast, this area is known as Atlantic Canada. It is composed of four provinces which are Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick. This area is quite huge but it is known for low rates when it comes to immigration. This is perhaps because the area is not as popular and not as developed as other major provinces of the country. This area also is having trouble with an aging population, which is basically an issue in most of Canada as well.

The pilot immigration program for Atlantic Canada

Atlantic Canada has worked with the Ottawa government so that any issues or possible issues would be given a solution before it happens or before it gets any worse. What they have come up with is a pilot program that should keep those issues at bay. The plan is to be able to attract and bring to Atlantic Canada any aspiring immigrants. The program would allow these immigrants to get the best employment in the area and allow them to live in Canada like they want to. Although Atlantic Canada is not as urban as other parts of the country, the program is going to offer these possible immigrants the chance to enjoy the unique offerings that the place can offer them as compared to other urban areas.

The problem with the program though is that it is not really that popular. According to an immigrant in the country, most immigrants are aware of the program MTV which is the Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver program. Atlantic Canada needs to make sure that immigrants and potential immigrants are aware of their pilot program so that they can bring in the people that they need.

The need for the program

The program is really needed by Atlantic Canada. The growth of their population has become stagnant and so new blood is really needed. Most of the residents of the area are also moving out and moving to other provinces in the country. The birth rates are also quite low as well as the immigration rates. With this program, the needed individuals through immigrants would happen.

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Monday, December 4, 2017

New Zealand’s Natural Beauty Drawing Immigrants In

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Natural beauty is something that one can find in all other parts of the world. However, with the onset of progress and development, natural beauty is starting to disappear. Governments of countries are choosing progress and development over natural wonders. There is a lot less laws drawn and made to protect the environment, thus, only a few remain. In the case of New Zealand, the people of this country know just how important the environment is and so, despite progress and development, they have kept their country’s natural beauty intact and a wonder for the whole world to see.

This is what brings a lot of people to the country. Immigrants are attracted and drawn to New Zealand because of its natural beauty among many other things. With beautiful sights to see each and every day, people are flocking to New Zealand to find a new life. It can never be denied that natural beauty is definitely something that can take away stress and helps people relax.

The beauty that is in New Zealand

There are immigrants who are not only looking for better job opportunities and a peaceful day-to-day life. They may also be looking for a place that would make them feel like they are having a vacation every day. With the kind of environment that New Zealand has, it has become a paradise for those looking for a new country to live in. Natural beauty in this country can be found not only in certain spots here and there but it can be seen just about everywhere. A huge portion of the country still has uninterrupted natural wonders that are really breathtaking and awesome to look at.

Those who are immigrants in New Zealand say that there are still really open spaces that can take away the stress from one’s body. It is also a good source of inspiration that allows people in the country to enjoy life and to do more with life. Even the biggest cities are not just filled with skyscrapers but also have natural spots still in its midst. Now that can be quite hard to find in most modern cities.

Expats say it’s best

HSBC has done a study back in 2015. This study was known as the Expat Explorer and it is a survey that asked expats their opinions on a variety of items. When it comes to overall experience, a huge portion of expats have stated that they find New Zealand as the top country for this category. In fact, a total of 22,000 expats have given New Zealand this top rank. It just goes to show that the country definitely is a force to reckon with when it comes to experience overall.

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