Friday, February 24, 2017

Immigration Needed, New Zealand Advised To Continue Welcoming Immigrants

Whoever said that New Zealand was not a good place to be an immigrant in has got it all wrong. Truth is, New Zealand is one of the top destinations for those who are looking for greener pastures to grow roots in. After all, the country needs people and immigrants are one of the best answers when it comes to solving the population dilemma.

In a recent report that was made by the New Zealand Initiative, a think tank in the country, it was disclosed that New Zealand is definitely a place that is really nice to live in. The report also continued that immigrants to the country are partly the reason behind this. That is why the think tank is urging the country to keep welcoming immigration. After all, immigrants to the country help make New Zealand quite the place that it is today.

Immigrants help make NZ habitable

After the immigration ban that has been set in place in the United States for citizens of seven nations that are majorly Muslim in religion, the New Zealand government has sent out its disapproval over this move. In fact, even Dame Susan Devoy, the Commissioner of the country’s Race Relations department has been quite vocal about this.

Right after that, the think tank’s report came out. And with the report, it has been found out that the steady flow of immigrants to the country which has been happening for a number of centuries already, has been quite a big help when it comes to making New Zealand a place that is worth living in. In fact, this country which is an island, used to be uninhabited for some time. However, with immigrants coming in, the place is now quite worthy to be called a habitable paradise.

The story behind the numbers

In the report from the think tank, citizens of New Zealand were actually concerned with the immigration. According to the numbers, the citizens were worried that there may be a high competition when it comes to jobs in the country as well as housing for the immigrants. There were also concerns on infrastructure and services for the public that goes with the growing number of residents in the country.

When it comes to confusion as well as fear that come with the global issues and terrorism, the politicians and the government have already been worked on so as to assuage any worries that come with it.

Despite these, the report from the New Zealand Initiative was able to find out that with the immigrants coming to the country, these individuals have been able to supply almost $3 billion to NZ’s economy for the year 2013. With more and more coming in since then, the contribution of immigrants have dfinitely even gone up.


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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Canadians And How They Look At Immigration

With Canada known as one of the top places for immigrants to go to, it is quite a treat to know just exactly how the residents and citizens of the country are looking at immigration. It is quite important to know that especially if you are one of those who has sent in an application to be an immigrant to the mentioned country.

With that in mind, it would be interesting to note that there has been a comprehensive study that was done regarding Canadian immigration. And it is quite interesting to take a look at just how these people really look at immigration in their country and exactly what they support.

What Canadians support when it comes to immigration policies

One of the many things that you would hear about Canada is that they are all out for immigration policies that are open. That is what most of us know and that is what most of us believe Canadians support. However, in the recent study that was concluded, it seems like Canadians really support immigration policies that are sensible.

This definitely means that the country and its residents are all up for policies on immigration that are logical and would not bring harm to the country one way or another. This is definitely not alarming but instead it is something that we should all embrace warmly as it means that the country is open to all those who would pass all the requirements that they would ask from those who would want to be part of their own country. It is their way of protecting what Canada has to offer at present and even make the country better than what it is today.

Canadians and their attitude with regards to immigration

So what exactly are the Canadians’ attitude when it comes to immigration to their country? Immigration of Canadians to other countries is one thing - people coming in to their country as immigrants is another. So what is their attitude with regards to the latter?

Just this January, a study was done. The study was put together by doing a poll and that shows the Canadian public’s opinion on immigration to the country. There were a total of 1,522 individuals who took part in the poll. According to the study, most of the residents of the country have a positive or neutral attitude towards immigration. Now this is a good thing because it means that they are open to new people to their country.

The study also showed that the residents are leaning towards new citizens who are educated. They also prefer the immigrants who at least know how to speak basic French or basic English. Aside from these, the residents of Canada also prefer individuals who already have been offered a job in the country before getting there.


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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Scotland Could Suffer If UK Immigration Is Limited

Scotland is a part of the United Kingdom and it definitely is one of those places that you can find at the northern portion of the British islands. Thus, any changes to the United Kingdom when it comes to politics and economy affects Scotland as well.

With the recent talk about Britain’s possible exit from the European Union as well as potentially limiting immigration to the country, analysts are looking at the numbers and the data and they have come across the hypothesis that it is quite possible that Scotland would suffer from this move. This was the hypothesis that experts have been able to find as according to a minister from Holyrood. Scotland’s economy would be the one to suffer and that is not something that the whole country would want to happen.

The harm that could come to Scotland with limited immigration to the UK

In the Holyrood report, Alasdair Allan has stated that if the UK decides not to be part of the European Union anymore, Scotland would actually be getting a huge grunt of this move and such would mean having to deal with a huge amount of harm to its economy. Allan is the minister for international development.

Aside from that, it is not only the exit that would bring that much harm to the economy. He disclosed that the numbers are saying that even a limited immigration to the United Kingdom would also be quite harmful to this part of the UK.

The Scottish government’s move

When it comes to what the government of Scotland would do, it has been disclosed that they will be the opposition when it comes to any changes that could affect their economy. With limited immigration to the UnitedKingdom, they will have to deal with businesses not being able to get the employees that these would need to work better. If this is the case, then the government would have to be the opposition to limited immigration.

Scotland is all up to the current immigration policies of the country as they do benefit from this. However, if this changes, then they will be doing ways to make sure that it is reverted and they would be able to benefit from immigration once again.

From 2014 right up until 2039, Scotland is already looking at a population growth of 7% which is a big help to them and their economy. This rise in the number of residents in the area is quite helpful as they are able to have people doing the needed jobs. 90% of this growth is actually attributed to the rise in immigration to the United Kingdom.


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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Secure Border Keeps New Zealand Running Smoothly

As they say, do not judge a book by its cover. And this is quite true when it comes to the security in New Zealand. Many have come to the country and have been surprised at how secure their borders are. And this is the country’s secret and this is what allows them to keep their country running smoothly and well.

Indeed, if you are going to look at how New Zealand is running and how it is promoted everywhere, you would think that getting into the country’s borders would be easy-peasy. It would make you think like you are just going to walk right into a public garden where everything is beautiful and serene. But of course, the country still has to protect what it has and that is why it has to ensure that its borders are safe.

To think that they are keeping people out is wrong. Truth is, the country is making sure that the borders are there so they can run the country well. And it is still easy to get into the country once you do pass your application to be an immigrant in the country. Yes, once you are a verified immigrant, you can definitely be sure that you can get into the country easily. Just pass all the requirements and you would be living right into the country in no time.

The reality of New Zealand’s borders

Aside from the picturesque and peaceful scenery that is NewZealand, its residents are also known as really calm, relaxed, and peaceful people. And that is what most people think the whole deal with the country will be like.

However, the reality is, its borders offer security and safety to its residents. Yes, the Kiwis (residents of New Zealand) are happy and relaxed people but they make sure that they keep out all those who are not meant to be staying in the country.

The reality of the numbers

According to the numbers, there are over 6 million individuals who have arrived there for the financial year 2015-2016. This is definitely a higher amount as compared to the previous financial year. This is according to the numbers from the Border report that was published recently by the country’s Immigration Department.

The truth is, the country is in need of the right immigrants. The country is in real need of residents as the country’s population is somewhere below 5 million. The people coming to the country (for travel and for immigration) are a huge help to the country.


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Monday, February 20, 2017

Canadian Population Growth, Thanks To Immigration

The census for Canada in 2016 has been completed. Finally, the numbers can now be shared bit by bit until the whole picture has been put together.

According to the census and its numbers, Canada has achieved a growth in population. Since the country only does census studies every five years, the last time that the statistics were drawn was in 2011. Thus, in 2016, with the new census numbers, the reports now are able to see that the population of the country has definitely gone up.

The population of this North American country went up by five percent as compared to the numbers in 2011. As of May 10th 2016, the country has a total population amounting to 35,151,178. May 10th is actually the day that he census was taken.

What the data reveals

Among all Group of Seven (G7) nations, Canada remains to be the country that has the fastest growth when it comes to population. This is the title that the country has been able to stand by with for fifteen years already. This is really an achievement for Canada because the country needs people to occupy the huge space that the country owns. It also needs people to help with the country’s economy.

This is only a small portion of the census that was done last May 2016. However, it is essential to keep in mind that what the small bit of numbers show is that the country’s growth in population is very essential as the country continues to open its arms and welcome immigrants to the country. For Canada, immigrants are very important in the growth of their economy.

The population growth in Canada

Among all Canadian territories, it is Nunavut that actually received the highest in terms of growth of population. It came with a growth of 12.7% in five years. Following closely next to Nunavut is Alberta. Alberta has taken 11.6% of the lot. These are two of the most developed areas of Canada and it is not surprising if the population growth has grown in these places.

All other provinces in the Western portion of the country also enjoyed growth in their population which was way higher than the country’s total average in its territories.

Among all other provinces of Canada, it was only New Brunswick that actually experienced  a decrease when it comes to its population. The province’s population went down by 0.5%.

The population breakdown

According to the census, 2/3 of the growth in the country’s population was because of immigration to the country. That is how huge immigration was to the country.

The third of the growth in the country’s population was because of the natural births among Canadian residents.


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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Open Immigration Helps UK Economy Stay Strong

There are certain groups that focus on checking the numbers and seeing what could happen in the future. They do not simply predict what could happen in the future but they make a good guess and a good estimate on how things can go. They use numbers and they use data to be able to do so.

With regards to this, a report done by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), a network that focuses on professional and multinational services, has reflected that with the way things are going and with what the numbers are saying, the economy of the world is going to double by the year 2050. PwC is currently based in London, United Kingdom, and is one of the largest when it comes to providing professional services.

The stand of the United Kingdom economy

The report has continued to disclose that if the United Kingdom would want to have a strong economy and one of the top players by 2050, it should be able to have an open immigration and this immigration should be friendly to all who are planning to be a part of the UK community.

Aside from that, the report had also reflected that if the United Kingdom can create and build new connections and trades that are successful, the country would be able to cling to the 10th spot as one of the world’s best economies by 2050. Of course, this can be a possibility if they would not burn bridges and if the country would continue to create new connections that they would need for trade.

It was also discussed in the report that another great help to the country’s economy would be to be open when it comes to immigration even after the country decides to exit the European Union. Britain is currently working with a good economy and is reaping the benefits of having an open immigration policy as the immigrants to the country are helping bring in more to the economy.

The current situation of the United Kingdom

In the report, PwC disclosed that they are foreseeing that the country will be going down one spot when it comes to parity of purchasing power. It has also been shared that if the country decides to push through with putting huge limits when it comes to immigration, then their parity would not be something that the country would be able to achieve.

The country still has to have connections and make use of the talents and skills of people who may come from various parts of the world.


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Friday, February 17, 2017

New Zealand Immigration Is Good For Country, Says Report

New Zealand has been one of the top destinations for immigrants and it is not a surprise why this has become such. With all its natural wonders and really friendly immigration policies, who would not want to live in this place that is seemingly just like paradise?

As for the side of the government, they are open to immigrants since the country needs more citizens and more people to help out. The country is huge with more sheep roaming the land than people. That is why the country needs more people to live there. However, immigration means that the country should also focus on building more infrastructure that would house the new residents. But studies have shown that though this may seem like expenses on the end of the country, New Zealand would still win in the end despite such expenses.

The two sides of welcoming immigrants to New Zealand

The study that focused on immigration to New Zealand had been able to see that infrastructure definitely needed to go up with all the new citizens arriving in the country. However, it disclosed that it should help out the country quite a lot. In the end, infrastructure would only be the basic investment and the return of investment would be much greater.

However, there are people and groups who say that this is not really quite the deal.

As for the group Multicultural New Zealand, they strongly believe that the immigration in the country is definitely a big plus and is going to help the country in huge ways. After all, multiculturalism is quite a good thing and it helps the country in big ways. For those who are planning on being a part of New Zealand, this definitely is music to their ears.

The economy and how immigration affects it

The report was from the New Zealand Initiative. According to the study, in 2013, the immigrants to the country had been able to help bring around $3 billion to the country’s economy. That is definitely a huge amount and it has been with the help of the migrants.

If you do a computation, that year, 2013, that should be around $2500 brought in to the country by each immigrant. The report also continued to disclose that $170 was the average for each person that was born in the country itself. $2500 is definitely way higher as compared to the $170 from New Zealand natural-born citizens.

Oliver Hartwich, the Executive Director for the New Zealand Initiative, had stated that the numbers are definitely reflecting that the migrants who are coming to the country are people who are driven and definitely want to get things done. They are individuals who are trying to drive a point and make an impact in New Zealand society. Thus, such results.


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