Friday, May 26, 2017

Yearly New Zealand Immigration Record Still Quite High

There seems to be no slowing down immigration numbers in New Zealand. Take a look at the numbers from the country’s data center and you would be able to see that the number are quite high despite it being so for how long already. In other countries, high numbers would only stay a while. It would then reach a plateau and the numbers would start declining. For New Zealand, this seems not to be happening.

Taking a look at the numbers for the month of April this year, the data shows that it has hit the previous record and are still quite high for immigration. Aside from immigration, the number of visitors coming to the country have also broken previous records. This surely is amazing and it definitely reflects just how much people look at New Zealand and see something worth living in or visiting.

The numbers and the record

According to the official data of the country, the net migration for the year has already gotten to 71,885. This is just starting the first of January of this year right up until the 30th of April. Compare this number to the same period a year before, the change is definitely pronounced. For the same period last year, the country has received a total of 68,110 only. The annual net migration for the period of the first of this year right up until the 31st of March this year was at 71,932. All of these numbers are from the Statistics New Zealand.

When it comes to immigrants, the top country that still has been choosing New Zealand is China. It has been doing so for several years already. In fact, for the period of January 1st until April 30th of this year, there were already 3,447 individuals who made their way to New Zealand. This was an increase of 20 per cent as compared to the previous year. Other countries making their way to New Zealand and taking up huge percentages of the immigrants’ number include the United Kingdom and France.

Immigration and economic growth

With the growth of immigrants in the country, New Zealand has been also able to experience and enjoy a growth in their economy which is definitely something that everyone loves to have. In fact, the growth has been quite good that it has even overtaken the economic growth of its neighbor, Australia. Many business owners are even grateful for these immigrants as they have helped boost businesses and make them even grow.

The continuous rise of immigrants in the country is definitely something that would be tackled during the upcoming elections. The government is already looking at how they would be able to improve systems in the country with the growing number of citizens that it has.


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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Canadians Still Positive On Immigration

For many years, Canada has been welcoming immigrants to their land. It has been open to immigration as they have foreseen that they need the new citizens to help them out. See, experts have looked at the country’s population and they have projected that there would be a time when the population would be aging and a lot less on the younger ones.

With the help of immigration, this situation has seemingly been resolved. It is also quite interesting to note that the country has also been able to benefit a lot from immigration as those who have decided to live in the country have been quite reliable when it comes to labor. They have been doing jobs and filling in vacancies that businesses need to flourish. And these immigrants have also been quite helpful in keeping Canada running as it should be.

The positive thought on immigration

A study has been recently done in Canada and it looked at how Canadians viewed immigration. The study has shown that most Canadians still look at immigration in a positive light and this is something good. This means that the residents of the country see just how important immigrants are to the country and that they are more than happy to welcome new blood on their land.

The results of the survey simply reflected the results of a study that was done in October of 2016. In fact, it is said that the results are even better as compared to the results of the mentioned study in 2016.

The story behind the study

The Environics Institute is the group behind the study. It is a group that does surveys as well as research to be able to get the in-depth opinions of groups.

According to Environics Institute, the very reason why they decided to go along with the study was so that they would be able to prove if there is truth in the statements going around that in Canada, the trend is just like in the United States. It is said that in the United States, citizens of the country are not quite that happy about immigrants. There are stories going around that the same is true in Canada.

It seems like the whole thing is not true in Canada. The study has shown that Canadians still remain positive on immigration.

Immigration brings benefits

The study has an item on a statement saying that Canada has gotten too many immigrants already. However, the study has shown that this is not true. In fact, most of the respondents of the survey has answered that they think that the statement is not true.

This is basically because Canadians believe in the benefits that immigrants bring to the country and to the country’s economy.


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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Immigration Still A Welcome Thought In UK

Despite what you may think, there are still a huge amount of people in the United Kingdom who do not want immigration in the country to stop. In fact, they believe that immigration brings much benefits to the country and so they would like it to continue. Now this, is something that the British Left is claiming.

The truth is, immigration brings with it both positive effects and negative effects. The negative effects may not be noticed too much but it is there. And the good thing about immigration in the country is that the positive effects outshine the negative ones. And that is why immigration still is more beneficial in the country.

What the people want

So why is it that there are reports that claim that people in the United Kingdom are really not for immigration?

Well, see, residents of the country believe that the negative effects of immigration can even develop to become even worse than it is now. That definitely is something that these people would not want to happen. That is why it is essential that the government does something about the issues. Putting a stop to immigration altogether just is not going to make the cut as the country really needs the immigrants.

Studies have that it the British actually are not really against immigration per se. What they do not like is that the government seemingly does not have the right amount of control on the whole system. This means that just anybody can come to the country and live there. Of course, there are rules, but it is all about putting those rules in place.

Another thing that irks the British are the immigrants who still are staying in the country which they deem to be undeserving. There are those who may be taking the system for granted and some who just are not even helping out. These are the individuals that the Britons do not like.

Despite all these, everything else about immigration is good for them.

The changes in the system

The changes in immigration policies are keeping the British hopeful about the things that could change in the future. There may have been failures in the past but with the government willing to help out immigrants and willing to adapt to changes in society, the Britons are keeping an open mind.

Residents of the UK are quite happy especially with the newest change. The government has been working on a policy which keeps things in order. A good example would be those who may have been an offender can have his rights revoked. As long as they keep everything in check, immigrants will be able to enjoy what the UK has got to offer.


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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Restaurants In New Zealand Need Immigrants To Function

Food is an important part of living. One can never really live without food. Food nourishes the body. It gives the body energy to do things. That is why a lot of people choose to build businesses based on food because they do know that this business will flourish. It is a need and people will want it.

In New Zealand, owners of restaurants are not happy about the possibility of having changes in the immigration policies of the country. See, the new policies are leaning towards allowing only a limited number of immigrants enter the country. For owners of restaurants, this is not a good thing as immigration has been helping the food and restaurant industry thrive. Immigrants have been serving as staff and have been really good at it.

The possibility of hard times for restaurants

There is a huge possibility that restaurants would take the grunt of a more “controlled” immigration system in New Zealand. Owners of restaurants are saying that their businesses could definitely suffer a lot especially if there would be lesser people available to work for these businesses. After all, these immigrants are hard workers and can be depended on to do the work well.

For those who say that they can hire the locals, restaurant owners have an answer to that one. See, they  have tried working with Kiwis (locals of New Zealand) but these people are far too choosy when it comes to work. Aside from that, they are also not as hard working as immigrants in the country.

The strength of the restaurant industry

There are people saying that the restaurant industry will not have to worry much as the changes in immigration policies will not affect them a lot. The truth is, it will. In the past several years, there have been more and more restaurants spurting in the country. This simply means that the need for food, and the lifestyle in the country have changed.

More and more Kiwis and immigrants are happy with eating out. Plus, there would not be an explosion of restaurants if there was not a demand for such.

The fear of owners

Many owners of restaurants are not happy with the proposed changes to immigration. If the policy changes, this means that restaurants would have a hard time filling in all the needed positions to keep the restaurants running smoothly. There may also be a possibility of having a shortage in staff.

What the New Zealand government is planning to do would be to actually work on the salary limit to get a work visa in the country. They plan to keep the limit up to $50,000 for each year. By doing so, a huge portion of the staff of the restaurant industry (as well as the hospitality industry) would be hugely affected.

That is why owners of restaurants are calling for the government to take a look at the new policies and find a solution that does not need to badly affect the country’s businesses and economy.


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Monday, May 22, 2017

Global Talent Drawn To Choose Canada Immigration

All of the countries in the world that are offering good programs for all of those individuals looking for a place for immigration are doing so so that they would be able to get the best minds and the greatest people to join their soil. The thing is, global talent is also quite choosy when it comes to deciding what country they would join and be a citizen of.

That is why Canada, one of the top popular choices when it comes to immigration, is choosing to offer programs that would be able to appeal to global talent. Aside from that, the country is also making sure that it would be able to not only attract the right people but also make sure that the people who are going to choose to be immigrants in Canada would not have a hard time adjusting in the new soil that they have chosen to be a part of.

The competition is fierce

With many other countries choosing to provide good offers and programs for those who want to be immigrants, Canada has decided to up its game. After all, the competition in this field has definitely become fiercer by the minute. That is why Canada is doing its very best so that global talent would be able to choose Canadian soil as their new home.

Of course, it is not just about attracting all of those individuals. It is also about making sure that the new citizens are also going to stay in the country for good. This has been backed up with a statement from Ahmed Hussen. Hussen works as the country’s immigration minister and he is the head when it comes to immigration policies and programs that would help lead all of the global talent to Canada.

The effect of immigration in Canada

Hussen spoke about immigration quite recently. He mentioned that the country needs to grow its population and the best way to do that would be through immigration. There may be some people who are not so much into immigration but he believes that immigrants help bring growth to the country’s economy. This is something that the whole country enjoys and that is why immigration is still quite a big thing for Canada.

Another effect of immigration to the country is that immigrants actually help keep the population younger. Thing is, without immigrants, Canada would slowly be perishing economically as there are more aged residents than young ones who can do more work. Aside from that, the aging population also is coupled with birth rates that are quite low. Thanks to immigration, the void for a younger population has been filled up.


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Friday, May 19, 2017

No Cutting Of UK Immigration, Says Corbyn

When people talk about the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, what comes into mind would be Britain taking back control of immigration. This means that there would be a limit to the number of immigrants allowed into the country. It would also mean that those who are interested in living in the UK may just have to wait for another chance to do so as the country has already reached its limit.

However, Jeremy Corbyn, one of the top believers in the power of immigration when it comes to the United Kingdom, is adamant that he will not be a part of the group that would put the UK into peril. See, Corbyn believes strongly that immigration has been more than just increasing the population in the country. He has data which says that the country should be thankful to immigrants as these new citizens actually help with the country’s economy by being part of the country’s workforce. And so Corbyn says that on the reduction of immigrants to the UK even after the exit from the EU, he will continue to be an advocate and that he would try to do everything in his power so that the limit to immigration does not continue.

Immigration will be managed

Aside from having really “controlled” immigration, Corbyn claims that he is proposing a type of immigration to the UK which would be “managed”. However, he has yet to disclose just what kind of management would be taking place as well as just how much immigration will be managed. He also has not disclosed just how much would the level of immigration be decreased to.

The current immigration numbers for the country has an average of around 273,000 individuals. This is still too big as per Theresa May, the country’s Prime Minister. She has been stating that she will be making ways so that the annual average would not reach this amount that is too high. Instead, she is proposing something that would reach just to tens of thousands only. There has been no move yet on this one so the immigration to the UK is still just about the same.

The numbers on immigration

In an interview with ITV, Corbyn, one of the heads of the Labour Party, has disclosed that he will not yet include any numbers on the target that he would like to happen for immigration. He continues that May has already promised numbers but he is not going to do that as of the interview. Corbyn has explained that what May has done is declaring numbers that would not be quite achievable. Corbyn is quite wise in doing so. After all, it is best that results are seen as compared to making just promises.


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Thursday, May 18, 2017

New Zealand Immigration Showing No Signs Of Slowing Down

Immigration is quite a welcome for only a few number of countries in the world. One of these countries is New Zealand. This country has been known to welcome all of those who are seeking to find home in new soil. After all, this country needs a lot of citizens who will help run the country. Years before, this country was an island with only a few people living in it. Now, it has slowly developed into becoming one of the best countries for immigration as it offers a good economy and a good work/life balance.

Recently, experts have looked into the immigration situation in the country. Those who have studied this situation in the country have been able to say that the numbers are already high and still growing steadily. Soon, they believe, that the situation may be out of control. That is why the government is already looking at the immigration status and is trying to see just what they could do so as to be able to lessen any issues that too much immigrants in the country could bring.

The rules are changing

In the country, the government is making sure that they have control when it comes to immigration as the numbers do not seem to slow down. This is important for the government so as to be able to make sure that there would not be a really bad effect on the country in the long run. However, economists who are looking at the situation have mentioned that despite the changes to the immigration rules that the government is doing, these changes will not have much impact on the situation.

Soon enough, the official branch of the government of NewZealand, the Statistics New Zealand, would be looking at the data when it comes to immigration as well as departures. The numbers will be those from the start of the year up until the 31st of March. They will also release the data that they would be able to find.

What the numbers could tell

As for the numbers, the data has shown that there was around 71,300 individuals who have come to the country for the period January 1st of the year until the end of February. For the new period January 1st of the year until the end of March, the numbers are still expected to be just around the same – 71,300 individuals – or maybe even more.

If you are going to take a look at the immigration numbers in the past, New Zealand has definitely shown that there has been a constant increase in the number of individuals taking advantage of immigration. The data has also shown that the population in the country has been growing at a quick pace for the last forty years. This is definitely something to look into by the New Zealand government. However, things remain the same in the country so far and with the government working on the issues, there is a huge chance that any negative effects would not happen.


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