Friday, January 20, 2017

So You Want To Be A Permanent Canada Resident

So you have been thinking about moving to Canada as an immigrant and become a permanent resident of the country. Like other individuals who have gone the same road before you, you have your own reasons and you know that these reasons are what is making you do whatever it takes to be part of Canada as a permanent resident.

The usual reasons for Canadian immigration

Ask those who are planning to be an immigrant to Canada and you would get a number of reasons.

For some, they wish to be a permanent Canadian resident because the country offers a better educational system or better schools as compared to their current country. In this day and age, having the best type of education is going to help you a lot especially when it comes to your career.

For others, being a permanent resident in Canada is their goal because the career opportunities there are a lot better. It may be a lot difficult for them to get good jobs in their home country and thus their goal is to be in Canada where the career opportunities are far better than what they currently have.

These are just two of the reasons why a lot of people are choosing to go to this country in North America. Another reason that is usually given is that the country is one of the easiest places to be a migrant to. For other countries, they may have a whole lot of requirements and processes to go through before they are approved to be an immigrant. However, for Canada, the requirements and processes are easier to go through and fulfill.

The current Canadian immigration situation

Taking a look at the numbers from the Immigration Office of Canada, this branch of the government that deals with immigration has been more than happy to say that the country can actually welcome to the country around 225,000 to 275,000 individuals per year. It does not matter from where you are from – the county is more than happy to welcome you.

The situation of immigration in this North American country is quite good. In fact, the United Nations has been more than happy to name Canada as one of the top and best countries to live in. The UN has given the country this accolade for several times already.

With that, a lot of people have seen the benefits that come with being an immigrant in Canada. With Canada being open to immigrants from different corners of the globe, the country has now become a real melting pot of cultures and backgrounds. It would be quite difficult to find such a country in the world today.


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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Immigration to UK is Still Good, Says Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn has been more than vocal about his thoughts on immigration to the United Kingdom. And after recent events, he still maintains that he has not changed his mind - immigration to the United Kingdom from the residents of the European Union is just right.

Despite the number of Members of the Parliament who have claimed that the numbers of those immigration are too much, Corbyn has declared that he still believes it is not too much. Jeremy Corbyn is the current Labour leader.

The valuable role of the immigrant

In an interview with Laura Kuenssberg who works for BBC, migrants to the UK have a role that is quite important. He also added that he will not be proposing or making any type of additional restrictions to all of the country’s immigrants. These are still individuals and have been approved for resident status that is why restrictions would be unnecessary.

Corbyn continued to disclose though that the Labour party, which he is a member of, was not in any way connected to the freedom of movement of all immigrants. However, despite such, he has vehemently negated that he would change his thought on immigration to Britain.

On the other hand, the Conservatives are saying that the Labour party is actually muddled and disordered because of the immigration issue.

The issue on freedom of movement

Corbyn went through a number of interviews from the media regarding the issue on freedom of movement for all of those EU citizens. The current issue is if this freedom of movement should continue even after the Britain decides to not be part of the union.

He also went through a speech where he had declared that he was an avid supporter all of those rules that were fair. He also was quite a supporter for any management laws that were reasonable for everybody. His faith is on the good for everyone especially for those who would wish to be part of the country and have been approved for such.

Corbyn also continued to state that if the country does not have full access to all of the markets in Europe, it would be quite difficult for Britain. It is important that full access continues. After all, there are many businesses in the United Kingdom that works and deals with the European market. So losing access can be quite detrimental.

He had said that the number of immigrants to the country from the EU is not really that high and is just right. He declared that he still has not changed his mind. Corbyn also continued that if there is any sort of exploitation happening, this should come to an end because it is not going to help everybody.


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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Fast Economy Improvement With New Zealand Immigrants’ Help

In a recent report from the New Zealand government, the country has had a really fast economic improvement and growth in the last two years. The fastest growth happened during the third quarter of the year.

According to the numbers, the possible factors that may have affected the fast growth include borrowing costs that have reached the lowest rates ever recorded, a boom in real estate, as well as a huge amount of immigrants coming into the country. The growth is really that rapid that it has been recorded as one of the fastest growth in terms of economies for countries who are quite developed.

What the numbers say

For last year, the economy in New Zealand went up by 3.6% during the 2nd quarter as compared to 2015. This increase is great and reflects the predictions made for that period. It is also interesting to note that in the months of January to March of 2016, the country’s gross domestic product also experienced growth amounting to 0.9%.

It was also noted that during this time, the numbers of immigrants have also gone up. Thus, the correlation that immigrants are helping boost the country’s economy.

What waits in New Zealand

If you are choosing to be an immigrant in New Zealand, you would have to enjoy not only the strong economy. The country also has a political situation that is quite stable so there is nothing to worry about there.

Aside from that, the standard of living in the country is also quite good. A lot of individuals are attracted to the country because of this.

Along with that, you would also be able to find that in New Zealand, there are a number of great schools that provide good education. In fact, education here is being promoted and one of the main reasons why a lot of individuals choose to be an immigrant here.

Healthcare, in a number of countries, is not for free. Citizens would have to pay for health services. However, basic healthcare in New Zealand is for free. It helps keep up a good standard of living in the country as well as help keep its citizens in good health.

Another good thing about New Zealand is that it is very friendly to immigrants. Thus, it has become a country where its residents are of varied cultures. According to the numbers, a quarter of the whole population (which amounts to 4.6 million in terms of residents) were not born in the country.

These have been some of the factors that has made New Zealand a magnet for those individuals and families who are looking for a place where there are greener pastures.


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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

How To Move To Canada

For a number of people, living in their own country is a burden. It can be because of a number of reasons. The list can include a really bad economy, political unrest, or maybe even a bad environment. That is why a lot of people are looking for greener pastures.

With that, immigration is what they choose to do. Immigration allows them to move to another country where the situation and the living conditions are according to what they think is good. It helps them get the life that they think is good for them.

Canada is one of the top choices when it comes to immigration. A lot of people have seen how Canada is good to immigrants and how well the country is good to its residents.

How do you move to Canada?

One of the top ways to actually move to Canada would be to get a tourist Visa. It would allow you to get into the country. However, you would have to deal with finding a way to actually get resident status. There are a lot of processes to go through. Plus, if you have not yet completed all the requirements and have not been approved, you may have to go back to your country of origin.

And then you can get help with your Canadian immigration Visa through good businesses which can assist you with the process. They will provide you with a list of all the requirements that you would need to be an immigrant in Canada. They will also assist you with getting those requirements completed. It will be a lot less hassle on your end.

Two different resident statuses

Canada will allow you to file two applications. It can be for a temporary resident status which has a higher chance of getting approved. And it can also be for a permanent status. You can apply for both so that if you get approved for temporary status, you can enjoy the perks of the status and still work on the permanent status that you are aiming for.

Keep in mind though that a work permit will not be able to help you with getting a resident status in Canada. It should only allow you to stay in the country for work purposes. Once that job is over, you will have to go back to your home country. However, you can work on getting the resident status that you need. All you need to do is work it out with the immigration office and they should help you get a list of the requirements that you would need for the application.


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Monday, January 16, 2017

UK Immigrants Fitting Well In Society

For a group of Members of the Parliament, they wanted to look at how immigrants to the United Kingdom are blending well and fitting into the British society. They created a report on how these immigrants are able to integrate. In the end, the results show that those who have moved to the country are able to fit in well with the society.

A look at the report

The report is known to be educational. Even the title says so. And it goes to show that how immigrants to Britain are the ones who need to know how to integrate to the country, rather than having the Britons be the ones responsible for welcoming and helping the new residents of the country.

It is now a requirement for all migrants to actually swear the oath of allegiance to the country. And perhaps with that, all those migrants are looking for ways to be able to do well in the country that they have moved to. Plus, it is necessary that they are able to do so successfully since this will be the country that they will be living in for years to come.

The purpose behind the study

According to the people behind the study, they wanted to take a look and see how communities and the government as a whole can help the new citizens of Britain. After all, they will all be living together in one land and they will be working together to make the country even better.

Those Members of the Parliament behind the study also continued to disclose that the results can help communities and the government to actually think of ways on how they can help out all those immigrants of the country. It is highly important for these immigrants to be able to settle well in the UK.

They also mentioned that integration of migrants can be considered to be a two-way street. This means that it should involve both the migrants and the communities and country.

What the locals are saying

For some locals, there are calls for the UK immigrants to actually be able to speak the English language as soon as they are already in the country. At present, there are already available language classes for those who need it.

However, statistics have it that nearly 90% of all the immigrants to the United Kingdom are already speaking English quite well. The remaining individuals already know how to speak the language but are not that fluent yet.

With more and more countries speaking English, it is not going to be a problem if moving to the UK is what they have in mind. Plus, integrating with the Britons can help those even better their English speaking ability.


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Friday, January 13, 2017

Study Claims Record High UK Immigration Numbers

During the first half of this year, immigration to the United Kingdom was recorded to be at a high that came up to 650,000 individuals. That is definitely a huge amount and it is the highest number that the country has ever been able to record. This is according to the filed numbers that came from the country’s Office for National Statistics. This study has been done and released just recently.

With those numbers, one can definitely see just how appealing the United Kingdom is for all those who are looking to become immigrants. The country holds a variety of options for a better life as compared to the current country that these individuals may be residing in.

The numbers of UK immigration

For the period that was disclosed earlier, 284,000 were actually citizens from the European Union who have found solace in Britain. They have decided to migrate to the UK and live there. This number is definitely higher as compared to the 265,000 individuals from the European Union who came to live in the country for the same period the year before.

Aside from the 284,000 individuals who have decided to stay and live in the UK, there were also 289,000 individuals who went to be an immigrant in Britain and are from all other parts of the world. Add to that the 77,000 Britons who have decided to go back to living in the country after years living abroad.

These are high numbers definitely and have helped create a record for the country when it comes to immigration.

The reason for the high numbers

In an interview with Nicola White, who works at the country’s department on National Statistics as the top person for statistics on international migration, she disclosed that at present, the levels for immigration at the UK are among the highest ever recorded for the country. Add to that the fact that the numbers of citizens from the European Union who are now migrants to the UK are also coming in at huge numbers.

White has continued to disclose that the numbers for both EU residents and also non-EU residents are all high for the given period for this year.

The head of the statistics division of the United Kingdom has also said that there were over 41,000 applications for January to September 2016. These 41,000 applications were the refugees and those are seeking for asylum and have chosen the UK as their haven. This number is even higher by 14% as compared to the same period the year before.


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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Moving To New Zealand: What You Need To Know

If you are thinking about moving to another country and yet have not yet thought about where you would be going to, then you should try and consider New Zealand. New Zealand is a really great country and is one of the top popular choices when it comes to immigration. It has got one of the easiest processes to go through to be able for you to move.

What does New Zealand need?

It needs people. This country has a huge area with a very low population. Thus, it definitely needs people. These people can add to the low population as well as create a new generation of residents who would keep the country going.

The country also needs people who are going to be a good addition to their labor force. The New Zealand economy is strong but if there are more people doing good jobs, then the chances of them getting an even stronger economy would be higher.

The skilled migrant

New Zealand is open to those who are willing to share their skills and their labor to the country. That is why they have a program available for those who are willing to be immigrants to the country and have skills to lend.

The country has a huge amount of needs when it comes to employment and so the skilled migrant is very welcome there. According to experts in New Zealand immigration, the country takes a look at an interested immigrant’s skills and sees if this is what they are looking for in terms of labor. The more an interested individual has to offer, the higher the chances that they would be able to get into the country.

The permanent resident

Most people who would like to take advantage of moving to NZ are looking for permanent residence in the country. To be able to get this, you must be able to have all the requirements that the country is asking for. To be a full permanent resident to the country, you must be able to qualify and submit everything that is in the full permanent resident list of requirements.

Those who are trying to apply for this are looking at being able to provide in their application their qualifications especially when it comes to work, as well as their experiences with their chosen fields. Aside from this, they can also provide information on a job or a position in New Zealand that has been offered to the individual.

If you get approved for this one without even stepping on New Zealand soil, you would have to enjoy the benefits of being a part of the country already. You can already start working if you wish to.


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