Friday, March 24, 2017

New Numbers Recorded For New Zealand Immigration

The numbers have a story to tell for New Zealand immigration. And the story is a happy one.

According to the statistics, immigration to New Zealand has gone even higher. In fact, it has broken previous records. Immigration may be a problem in many countries around the world but it definitely is not in New Zealand. See, the country welcomes immigrants because they need more people to live in their land. Plus, the more immigrants coming to the country, the better and stronger the growth of their economy is.

This is definitely good news for all those who are in NewZealand and all those who are planning on immigrating to New Zealand. See, aside from the really strong economy that the country is experiencing right now, thanks to the help of the immigrants, the numbers of the immigrants coming in definitely is not slowing down. So this means that the economy would be made even stronger.

The new numbers are breaking NZ immigration records

For 2016 up until the 31st of January this year, the immigration numbers in New Zealand had reflected a gain of 71,300. This is for the net migration. An increase of that amount to the net really says something. There are more and more people choosing to be immigrants in New Zealand.

This new number actually broke the old record. This is the first time in the country’s history that the increase has gotten to over 71,000. Aside from that, this is also a record for the country as it is the first time that this has happened in a year’s time.

Daniel Snowden is an ASB economist. He has shared that if you do the math, that period also set another record with its monthly net arrivals with 6460 individuals coming in.

Would immigration be a future issue?

It does look like the upcoming elections may take a look at New Zealand immigration and discuss how this affects the country as a whole. There are parties of the opposition who have been looking at immigration and are looking at the changes that it has brought to the country especially in the fields of education, infrastructure, housing, and roads.

However, on the other hand, the current government is looking at immigration as a really important aspect to the success that the country is enjoying. This is because the immigrants have been known to help out with the economy and have been quite hard working individuals.

At present, the country’s economy has been growing at a steady pace. Every year, it has experienced a growth of three per cent. This may not seem like much but it is a movement in the right direction. Experts who are looking at the numbers and the country’s situation have even mentioned that this growth may even go higher in the near future.


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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Rallying In Support Of Immigration In Canada

When it comes to rallies and marches, these usually happen if a group of people want to get their voices heard. Especially when it comes to a really sensational issue or something that they really feel strongly about and yet they seem not be heard. That is why they choose to go out on the streets and say what they need to say. Not only do they get attention but they also spread the word out about their advocacy.

Most of these rallies and marches happen when these people are against something – some issue or some law that they are not happy about. However, what is unusual is a rally or a march that is for something – a support to some issue or news.

The Canada scene

This is what recently happened in Sudbury in Ontario, Canada. A group of individuals have gone out to the streets to form a rally. They did this to show their support to Canada’s immigration policies that are open to those who need refuge and are open to multi-culturalism. Canada’s immigration policies are one of the top in the world that many individuals are choosing to be immigrants there.

As per the rally, the organizers have put the event together to show their support to Canada and how it continues to welcome immigrants in the country. With all the anti-immigration policies happening in other parts of the world, this country definitely continues to show that they can and they will accept immigrants into their soil.

The organizers of the event have also disclosed that they have put together this event so as to also show support to all the refugees who have found themselves in Canada as immigrants. They would like to show them that they are welcome in Canada.

Showing support, sharing love

Alan Asher is one of the organizers for this rally. According to a statement from him, the rally is a way of telling everyone and of showing their support. This is their way of making a statement. It is also a way of opening the thoughts of the people in their community on the issue.

He also continued that people are concerned and have questions about immigration to Canada. This is their way of showing everyone that there are also people who are for immigration to the country and that they can be part of helping out every immigrant who gets to the country. After all, these individuals are going to help out Canada in what it will become in the future.

Helping out all of those immigrants is a good thing. If they do the work together as a community, they would be able to provide even better help for all those Canada immigrants.


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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

UK Immigration Numbers Reach New Record

How is immigration nowadays in the United Kingdom?

Well, it is interesting to take a look at how things are when it comes to immigration in this country in Europe. One of the recent studies have shown that during the first half of 2016, the country had welcomed quite a number of people – a total of 650,000 individuals. This number has actually broken the former record for the country.

This number has come from the Office for National Statistics, which is the official bureau for statistics for the United Kingdom. This means that despite the plans on the country exiting the European Union, it has not deterred all of those individuals who have been planning on being an immigrant to the country.

The numbers have gone up

So what exactly do the numbers of UK immigration tell us?

From the 650,000 individuals who have entered the country as immigrants during the first half of the year for 2016, 284,000 actually were citizens from the European Union. These people have decided to come to the country and live there. This was definitely a new record as compared to the previous high of 265,000 which came from the same period the year before that, 2015.

It also was almost close to the immigrants who have come from other countries aside from those that are part of the EU. Those immigrants came up to a total of 289,000. The rest of the total actually were the Britons who have been abroad and have decided to return home. They came up to a total of 77,000.

What do the immigration numbers mean?

Nicola White works as the Office for National Statistics’ international migration statistics head. In a statement, she had disclosed that the levels of immigration in the country for that certain period last year has actually broken previous records. She also continued that the number of citizens from the European Union are just around the same as those who are from non-EU countries.

As per the countries of origin of those who are not from the European Union, it was in 2015 that Romania had been the top country of immigrants. This was the first time that it had happened and the Romanians who have come to the United Kingdom reached a total of 54,000.

China had a total of 44,000 individuals taking advantage of immigration to the UK. This country came in second to Romania. Poland was third with 38,000 immigrants in total. India came next having 36,000 individuals moving to the UK.

White had continued to share that one of the top reasons as per why people are choosing the UK for immigration is because they are looking for work and the work opportunities in the UK are far better from the ones in their home country.


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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

New NZ Immigration Numbers Have Broken Previous Record

The numbers are showing that New Zealand definitely is one of the most popular countries to go to if you are planning on being an immigrant. The new immigration numbers for the country have definitely broken their old records and this really means something. If it was not a good place to go to, the numbers definitely would not have gone even higher.

Recently, the net amount for immigration in the country has gone over the old 71,000 that they have been able to record before. There are more people moving to the country as compared to the number of people leaving the country to work in a new place. A simple look at the numbers can make you say that this can be because individuals are looking at the country as a good place to live in and a good place to earn their living. After all, one of the top reasons why individuals are going out of the country to earn and to work is because the kind of work that they are looking for is not available in the country.

The story from the numbers

The Statistics New Zealand, the official bureau of NewZealand that deals with the country’s statistics and data, have recently disclosed the numbers of immigration in the country. For the past year, which ended on the last day of January this year, the net immigration numbers gained 71,300. This may not seem like much to you but it definitely is something that is big. In fact, it has broken the previous record.

Aside from this gain, the bureau has also disclosed that the new record for monthly migrants arriving in the country has already reached 6,460. This definitely shows more and more individuals are moving to the country to live there.

Increasing numbers, newer records

Peter Dolan works as the senior manager for population statistics of Statistics New Zealand. In a recent statement, he has stated that more and more individuals are moving to New Zealand. Aside from that, he disclosed that there are fewer and lesser individuals who are leaving the country to work or to find a new home in another country.

As for the numbers for the first month of this year, 2017, it is quite interesting to note that the total number of immigrants who have come to the country have gone way above the average. The total came up to a high of 128,300 for that month alone. 20% of that number were immigrants from Australia.

Those who have come from China for that month went up by 13,200. The numbers of migrants from the United States have also gone up by 5,200.


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Monday, March 13, 2017

Canadian Immigration System Applauded By Trump

In recent news, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, has given praise to the immigration system that Canada has put in place. As most people know, Canada is one of the top countries that people go to when it comes to immigration. Thus, this means that Canada is doing something good to get the good graces of the US President.

Trump has mentioned his praise for the immigration system of Canada in his speech that he had delivered recently in Congress. According to his speech, if the United States would be able to adopt and use this kind of system, which is basically based on merit, the United States would be working better with regards to immigration. Aside from that, he mentioned that the system would help taxpayers from the country a lot less and it should also be able to aid poor workers by giving them an increase in their wages.

How the Canadian immigration system works

If you think that immigration to Canada is all about being able to get into the country because you are skilled, then you have got to rethink things. Yes, they do take your skills into account but that is not all that it takes. Immigrants have to go through an application process which would tell Canada’s immigration department about their plans to be a resident of the country.

Canada is not all about skills. The country is quite open to the type of people who could help out in its economy. Aside from that, they are also looking at people who are able to help out and assist their society which is quite known for being multicultural. They do not just simply look at a specific set or perhaps specific qualities. They look for people who would be able to help out the country as a whole and who would be good citizens.

Immigration is still important, says Canadians

When it comes to Canadians’ thoughts on immigration, it is interesting to note that the citizens of the country are more than happy to acknowledge that this is still an important part of their country. Jeffrey Reitz has stated that Canadians are known to be the type of citizens who still believe that immigration helps their country a lot especially in terms of the economy as well as in helping out better the future of Canada. Reitz is a professor at the University of Toronto for ethnic studies and immigration studies.

Canada currently has a population of 35 million. The country is still planning on welcoming around 300,000 individuals this year who have chosen Canada as their country of immigration.


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Friday, March 10, 2017

Should We Be Worried About Immigration Shortage In The UK?

There have been moves in the United Kingdom to actually limit or lessen the number of immigrants that are coming in the country. This is what they call “taking control of the our borders” which is why the country’s government has made moves to find a solution to this.

The main thing that the United Kingdom government has did was to choose to exit from the European Union. They believe that this would help them achieve their goal and be able to find a good way to have control of the people coming in to the country as immigrants.

Of course, with such a big move, there have been groups and individuals who are concerned about how life would be in the United Kingdom once there is a limit on the immigrants who are coming into the country. It may not seem like much to a lot but immigration has definitely brought about a huge amount of benefits to the UK which not many have actually seen. It would not be good though if they would see the benefits of immigration once it has been totally limited.

The problem with the move

With the vote on Britain’s exit, many seem to be happy because it means that the control over the borders is finally becoming reality. This would mean that the numbers of immigrants to the country would definitely go down, especially when it comes to those who are from the European Union. However, there is a downside to a limited immigration to the United Kingdom and not a lot of people see that.

The decision to exit has actually made a lot of residents of the country flee it. There have been over 100,000 citizens who are from the EU who have already left the country. Even the number of people from the EU getting into the country have also gone down. This may seem like good news but it definitely is not. The thing is, with a lot less numbers in immigration in the country, this definitely means that the need for more people who would be part of the UK’s workforce would have to go up.

Less immigration, less workforce

There are businesses and owners who are not happy with the changes though. A lot of businesses have been employing immigrants and these immigrants have been a big help to the places where they work. With the changes, the owners of businesses are starting to get worried as they would need to find a good source of employees which would help them out really well in their businesses.

One of the top industries that has been profiting from the abilities and skills of the UK immigrants would be the tourism and hospitality industry. Most of the employees in this industry are immigrants and they do quite well with it.


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Thursday, March 9, 2017

New Zealand Immigrants Better Workers Than Kiwis

There has always been a problem with workers from their home countries. Especially when it comes to the younger ones. Some say that the younger generation are far too lazy and far too choosy to do the jobs that their country needs them to do. Like help take care of the elderly. Or move to a new place to get the jobs done there. Or maybe even just serve in the government. The younger generation would rather choose lucrative jobs or none at all.

This is the case with the United Kingdom. And it seems like this is also the case with New Zealand. According to a report, Kiwis (or the natives of New Zealand) are far too lazy and far too choosy to do the work that needs to be done. That is why business owners are happy that immigration is good in the country. For them, without immigrants in New Zealand, they would not know how their business would be. It is with the help of the immigrants that their business gets to flourish with the work that gets done.

How Kiwis work

According to Mary Lambie, an owner of a small business in New Zealand, the young workers of the country are what she would like to refer as useless when it comes to the job. However, she has tried to work with the immigrants to the country and have found them to be really good at what the job asks them to do. In fact, she also disclosed that when it comes to work ethics, the immigrants also have high standards.

With that, one can simply say that it may be because of the nature of the country which is quite relaxed and serene that may have made the younger Kiwis to be lazy and not adept. However, there can also be the argument of the younger generation that technology may have made them this way. But then again, there is that point that the immigrants can be quite good at what they do because they chose to be that way. After all, they are in a new country and they have to make sure that they prove to be good. Or else, they may have to end up going back to their home country to be able to survive.

The age matters

Lambie has continued to share that with her business, she needed employees to get it running to its fullest potential. She said she had put out ads with a high pay. There were younger Kiwis who applied and she hired as employees. They were around the ages of 21 years old and under. However, she found them to be unreliable when it comes to the job. They were also quite lazy and dishonest.

Upon speaking with other small business owners, they shared that they had no problems with the immigrants. So she chose to work with the immigrants and found the answer to her problems with them.


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